44 Most Popular Copywriters of 2022

Since launching Copywriting.org in December 2022, I’ve interviewed over 700 copywriters from beginners to A-Listers.

My favorite question is always, “Who is your favorite copywriter?”

A lot of people debate which copywriters are the most popular or relevant. Some people mention oldschool copywriters like Eugene Schwartz or Gary Halbert… While others mention modern copywriters like Stefan Georgi or Alex Cattoni. To settle the debate, below are the most popular copywriters of 2022, based on 700+ answers to the question, “Who is your favorite copywriter?”

Many interviewees had multiple favorites. I also included mentions throughout the other interview questions – since that also signifies that a copywriter is relevant. In total, there were 1,260 mentions across 712 interviews over the first 14 days after site launch. The 44 copywriters below received 5 mentions or more. Below these 44, you can also see everyone else who got 1 to 4 mentions. This way, everyone who got mentioned at least once is included. Mentions of oneself were discarded.

Also, please keep in mind that this is strictly based on popularity according to Copywriting.org’s interview data. Although, popularity is largely influenced by talent, as well as whether or not you teach copywriting to others. Make sure to congratulate your friends & mentors who made it into this article – it’s no small feat! Mentions were likely also influenced by whether or not each of these copywriters completed & shared their own interview with their own audience. Which again, is a key factor in increasing relevance & popularity.

Anyway, check out the full article below! When you’re done, don’t forget to get interviewed on Copywriting.org if you haven’t already. Then share your interview with your network so you are more likely to rank higher before V2 of this article is released in 2023.

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1. Stefan Georgi - 111 Mentions (8.8%)

Known for selling over $1,000,000,000 worth of products & services while running the Copy Accelerator Mastermind & sharing his ideas almost daily, it’s no surprise that Stefan Georgi is the most popular copywriter of 2022.

3. Troy Ericson - 63 Mentions (5.0%)

Troy Ericson is the founder of Copywriting.org, EmailDeliverability.com, & EmailListManagement.com – one of the world’s best email marketers.

5. Justin Goff - 53 Mentions (4.2%)

Justin Goff is known for scaling Patriot Health Alliance to $23,000,000 per year and then founding the Copy Accelerator Mastermind with Stefan Georgi, while maintaining an ideal work-life balance.

6. Daniel Throssell - 51 Mentions (4.0%)

Daniel Throssell is considered by many to be the funniest & most entertaining email copywriter of all-time.

7. Dan Kennedy - 41 Mentions (3.3%)

Dan Kennedy has influenced millions of business owners through his Magnetic Marketing book & system over the past 30+ years, including other most popular copywriters of 2022.

8. Ning Li - 38 Mentions (3.0%)

Ning Li is most known for scaling PaleoHacks with David Sinick & now has his own coaching program that helps copywriters improve their mindset & income.

9. David Ogilvy - 32 Mentions (2.5%)

David Ogilvy is yet another household name on the list & is considered the “Father of Advertising” for working with clients like Campbell’s Soup, Shell, & Bristol Meyers.

10. Dan Lok - 32 Mentions (2.5%)

Dan Lok has mentored tens of thousands of students in his High Ticket Closer programs where he teaches them to sell via mouth & written word.

11. Ben Settle - 32 Mentions (2.5%)

Ben Settle is known for his strong opinions & sarcasm on his email list while influencing thousands who subscribe to his Email Players program.

12. Eugene Schwartz - 28 Mentions (2.2%)

Eugene Schwartz was one of the first ‘greats’ in the copywriting industry – having written Breakthrough Advertising based on his experience selling over $2,000,000,000 worth of products & services in the mid-1900’s.

13. Jason Capital - 28 Mentions (2.2%)

Jason Capital has sold over $75,000,000 worth of courses after mastering copywriting in the basketball & dating niches – among many, many more.

14. Ian Stanley - 24 Mentions (1.9%)

Ian Stanley has sold over $100,000,000 through copywriting & has coached thousands of students to achieve more freedom through copywriting.

15. John Carlton - 23 Mentions (1.8%)

John Carlton considers himself “the most ripped-off copywriter” on the internet due to the success of his writing & his many testimonials from people like Rich Schefren, Eben Pagan, Frank Kern, & Mike Filsaime.

16. Frank Kern - 22 Mentions (1.7%)

Frank Kern is one of the world’s top Facebook Ads experts & marketing consultants – often known for his dry humor.

17. Gary Bencivenga - 21 Mentions (1.7%)

Gary Bencivenga is also considered to be one of the world’s most talented copywriters by people like Brian Kurtz, John Carlton, Joe Vitale, and many large publications.

18. Shahzad Khan - 20 Mentions (1.6%)

Shahzad Khan is considered one of the best copywriters from Pakistan, and is an inspiration to many Pakistani copywriters.

19. Joe Sugarman - 19 Mentions (1.5%)

Joe Sugarman, who passed away in 2022, was considered one of the best storytellers & advertisers in the copywriting world – having made famous products like BluBlocker sunglasses.

20. Chris Haddad - 19 Mentions (1.5%)

Chris Haddad is a wizard of words, especially in the dating & relationship niche – and an inspiration to many.

21. Chris Orzechowski - 17 Mentions (1.3%)

Chris Orzechowski focuses on helping ecommerce business increase their email revenue while maintaining a fan-favorite email list.

22. Andy Mukolo - 16 Mentions (1.3%)

Andy Mukolo is possibly the best copywriter in Nigeria & inspires many African copywriters to one-day achieve his level of success.

23.Clayton Makepeace - 14 Mentions (1.1%)

Clayton Makepeace was another oldschool copywriter who generated over $1,500,000 & 3 million customers for his clients over his 40 year career.

24. Alen Sultanic - 12 Mentions (1.0%)

Alen Sultanic became widely recognized in 2021 after launching Nothing Held Back – where he has revealed his genius marketing strategies from the past two decades

25. Kyle Milligan - 11 Mentions (0.9%)

Kyle Milligan runs the Copy Squad Agency after selling $7,100,000 for Agora Financial & helping turn WealthPress into a $50,000,000 company.

26. Laura Catella - 10 Mentions (0.8%)

Laura Catella introduced Stefan Georgi to copywriting, launched a 7-figure business called Eden Beauty, and now helps copywriters master their mindset & self-worth through her Diamond Day Mastermind events.

27. Pauline Longdon - 10 Mentions (0.8%)

Pauline Longdon is one of Australia’s most famous copywriters, having learned copy by experimenting in her own business & now uses her expertise to help launch 7 & 8 figure offers.

28. David Deutsch - 8 Mentions (0.6%)

David Deutsch began under David Ogilvy & eventually began to work with his own Fortune 500 clients, large direct response publishers, and household names like Maxwell House Coffee – all while maintaining his own email list.

29. Armash Kamal - 8 Mentions (0.6%)

Armash Kamal is another leader of the copywriting industry in Pakistan – being one of the most talented & highly-paid copywriters there.

30. Robert Allen - 7 Mentions (0.6%)

Robert Allen is another highly entertaining & story-based copywriter with his own email list & plenty of big wins for ecommerce clients.

31.Todd Brown - 7 Mentions (0.6%)

Todd Brown is a marketing consultant with arguably more six and seven figure funnel clients than anyone else – with clients in over 33 countries & 65 niches who use his E5 Method.

32. Parris Lampropoulos - 7 Mentions (0.6%)

Parris Lampropoulos is known for bending the traditional rules of copywriting to beat controls – and establishing new ones for years or decades!

33. Jay Abraham - 6 Mentions (0.5%)

Jay Abraham is one of the most famous marketing consultants in the world, having coached Taylor Welch, Chris Evans, Tony Robbins, Daymon John, and countless others.

34. Mike Samuels - 6 Mentions (0.5%)

Mike Samuels is an established health & fitness copywriter, mainly focusing on emails – followed by YouTube scripts, webinars, and sales letters.

35. Sabri Suby - 6 Mentions (0.5%)

Sabri Suby is the author of Sell Like Crazy, where he highlights his experience selling $1,330,000,000 worth of products & services in over 416 industries.

36. Anik Singal - 6 Mentions (0.5%)

Anik Singal is the founder of Lurn, where he’s trained over 150,000 students & 2,900,000 readers on how he’s generated over $100,000,000 in online publishing sales.

37.Neville Medhora - 6 Mentions (0.5%)

Neville Medhora started in 1998 by creating one of the first personal finance blogs called NevBlog, where he’s written over 1,500 pieces of that are read by over 20,000 people each month.

38. Derek Johanson - 5 Mentions (0.4%)

Derek Johanson is the founder of CopyHour, one of the industry’s most popular copywriting courses – featured by Forbes & Early To Rise.

39. Jon Benson - 5 Mentions (0.4%)

Jon Benson is the creator of the VSL, is an expert at health & fitness copy, & runs CopyPro.ai.

40. Andre Chaperone - 5 Mentions (0.4%)

Andrew Chaperon is known for his ‘Soap Opera Sequence’ email marketing strategy that pulls readers into your story & prepares them to buy from you for months or years to come.

41. Sean Anthony - 5 Mentions (0.4%)

Sean Anthony is known for making over $1,000,000 per year as a one-person business while breaking many traditional rules of copywriting & creating “No BS” content.

42. Russell Brunson - 5 Mentions (0.4%)

Russell Brunson is the founder of Clickfunnels, arguably the most industry-disrupting SAAS of our time – while engineering expert-level copy strategies including the “One Funnel Away” campaign.

43. Matt Furey - 5 Mentions (0.4%)

Matt Furey is a leading email copywriter in the fitness industry while being known for his politically incorrect views & “tell it how it is” ideology.

44. God - 5 Mentions (0.4%)

God wrote the Bible, which has stood the test of time for thousands of years – the book of the world’s most followed religion.

Other Copywriters with 1 to 4 mentions

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