A Copywriting Podcast For Copywriters: Email Marketing & Copywriting With Troy Ericson

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Copywriting can be a tricky business, but with the right guidance, it’s easy to get ahead. For copywriters looking for insights into how successful entrepreneurs have scaled their businesses and achieved success, Troy Ericson’s “Email Marketing & Copywriting” podcast is the perfect resource.

This copywriting podcast for copywriters features interviews with 7+ figure entrepreneurs who share their stories on zero-to-hero journeys you won’t find anywhere else.

Here’s everything you need to know about the podcast:

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What is the “Email Marketing & Copywriting” Podcast?

The “Email Marketing & Copywriting” podcast is a weekly show hosted by Troy Ericson, one of the world’s top email marketers. The podcast offers valuable insights on building successful brands and strategies for creating engaging content.

Each episode features interviews with experts in the fields of marketing, entrepreneurship, sales, and more. Listeners can expect to learn practical advice that they can apply to their own businesses as well as inspiring stories about how others have achieved success in their respective industries.

The “Email Marketing & Copywriting” Podcast is an invaluable resource for copywriters and business owners looking to scale their businesses.

Tune in to learn the strategies, tactics, and stories behind successful entrepreneurs and find out how you can make your mark too.

Who is Troy Ericson?

Troy Ericson has worked with some millionaire copywriters and some of the biggest names in digital marketing such as:

  • Traffic & Funnels

  • The Sales Mentor

  • V-Shred

  • Rich Schefren

  • Josh Snow

  • Joel Erway

  • Ezra Firestone

  • Stefan Georgi, and more

Ranked as one of the top 20 copywriters in the world by Peter Tzemis from Traffic & Funnels, Troy has created over $50 million in sales through improved email copy, automation, and email list management.

He is the founder of EmailListManagement.com and the owner of Email Paramedic, a company dedicated to helping businesses increase their email list performance and maximize their return on investment.

His mission is to help people achieve success through creative solutions while providing them with the tools they need to succeed online. Read more of Troy’s story here.

Key Takeaway: The “Email Marketing & Copywriting Podcast” podcast offers valuable insights on building successful brands and strategies for creating engaging content. The format is a bit different than other copywriting podcasts like the Copywriter Club Podcast and the Hot Copy Podcast. Listeners can expect to learn practical advice that they can apply to their own businesses, inspiring stories from zero-to-hero journeys, and actionable copywriting tips for growing their copywriting business: • Learn insider knowledge from 7+ figure entrepreneurs • Learn how to become a successful e-commerce conversion copywriter • Pick up actionable tips that you can use right away when it comes down to growing your business.

Why You Should Listen to the “Email Marketing & Copywriting Podcast” Copywriters Podcast

Here are some of the benefits that come with tuning in to the “Email Marketing & Copywriting” Podcast:

Get Access to Insider Knowledge from 7+ Figure Entrepreneurs

Listeners can gain access to insider knowledge directly from successful and talented copywriters and entrepreneurs who have scaled their businesses beyond seven figures.

These guests share their secrets on topics such as:

By listening to these conversations, you can learn how to replicate similar successes in your own copywriting business.

Learn Strategies for Growing Your Copywriting Business

Through interviews with top industry professionals like marketers, salespeople, product managers, and more, listeners can get an inside look at what it takes to succeed as a copywriter or business owner today.

From tips on building relationships with clients to advice on crafting effective emails that drive conversions – each episode offers up actionable strategies for taking your career or company forward.

Get Inspired by Success Stories

The “Email Marketing & Copywriting” podcast not only covers the tactics, strategies, and tools necessary to grow a successful business but also provides inspiration through success stories.

Listeners can hear firsthand accounts from entrepreneurs who have achieved massive success in a short period.

Learning what it took for these individuals to get where they are today can give you the confidence and motivation to pursue your dreams.

How to Listen to the “Email Marketing & Copywriting” Podcast

The “Email Marketing & Copywriting” podcast is your go-to source for insider knowledge from 7+ figure entrepreneurs, inspiring stories from zero-to-hero journeys, and actionable tips for growing your business. Here’s how to listen:

Where Can You Find It?

The “Email Marketing & Copywriting” podcast can be found on all major streaming platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. Just search for “Email Marketing & Copywriting” in any podcast app or online platform.

If you don’t have access to one of these apps or websites then you can also find it directly at https://podcast.troyericson.com/

How Do You Subscribe and Download Episodes?

Subscribing to the show is easy. Just open up your favorite podcast app (Apple Podcasts or Google Play Music are two great options) and search for “Email Marketing & Copywriting”.

Once you’ve found the show, click subscribe so that new episodes will automatically download onto your device each week when they become available. To manually download an episode, just hit the play button next to its title in the episode list; this will start downloading it straight away.

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Takeaways From the “Email Marketing & Copywriting” Podcast

On the show, Troy interviews 7+ figure entrepreneurs and shares inspiring stories. The podcast teaches you how to build a successful brand as well as strategies for creating engaging content.

Actionable Tips for Growing Your Copywriting Business

Through his conversations with successful entrepreneurs, Troy provides actionable tips that listeners can use to grow their copywriting businesses.

These include advice on how to:

  • Create effective marketing campaigns

  • Leverage social media platforms effectively

  • Learn sales copywriting

  • Improve writing skills

  • Develop an email list management strategy, and much more.

Some of the podcasts episodes that can help you become a better freelance copywriter include:

Valuable Insights on Building a Successful Brand

In addition to providing practical advice on making money, and growing your business through copywriting services or products you offer, Troy also offers valuable insights into building a successful brand identity in today’s digital landscape.

He covers topics such as developing an authentic voice online that resonates with customers and clients, understanding customer needs, leveraging influencers, optimizing SEO practices, utilizing analytics tools, crafting compelling visuals, and more.

Here are a few podcast episodes of people who built successful copywriting and digital marketing businesses:

Lessons From the World’s Most Successful Digital Marketers

Mistakes are an integral part of the learning process and Troy shares valuable lessons from the world’s most successful copywriters.

In these conversations, Troy talks to top copywriters and marketers who have made millions with their words. You can learn from their mistakes, take notes of their triumphs, and get tips on techniques that have worked for them.

You can hear them discuss the key elements of successful copywriting such as storytelling, the importance of targeting a specific customer, the power of using research to support your claims, and how to create persuasive copy.

Some of the most popular episodes include:

Key Takeaway: Troy Ericson’s “Email Marketing & Copywriting” freelance podcast provides actionable tips and valuable insights to help you grow your freelance writer business, learn direct response marketing, run effective marketing campaigns, become a copywriting genius, learn a few interesting ventures to pursue, write persuasive sales letters, build a successful brand identity, among other things.


Learning from Troy’s and his guest’s extensive experience in email list management, copywriting, and business strategy will leave you with a wealth of knowledge that you can use to build a successful copywriting business. Be sure to check out the “Email Marketing & Copywriting” podcast and subscribe now.

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