10 Copywriters to Consider in 2024

Last week, I launched an article called “41 Most Popular Copywriters of 2023” that was based on 3,500+ answers worth of interview data from Copywriting.org. The article gave a LOT of shocking insight into which copywriters & entrepreneurs were the most top-of-mind in 2023. You can read the article here, or see all of our articles in the Copywriting.org Blog.

But today I want to highlight 10 copywriters I interviewed on Copywriting.org who you may or may not have heard of before… but are doing good work for their clients within different sub-sectors of the copywriting industry. There’s a TON of variety, backgrounds, and unique experience.

Below, I have listed all 10 names in no particular order & a short summary of what they do & something unique about them (not in any particular order). To learn more about each person, simply click on their name in orange to read their full interview & contact information.

P.S. I’m technically not going to include myself in this article, but if you don’t know me, I’m Troy Ericson – the owner of Copywriting.org, EmailDeliverability.com, EmailListManagement.com, & MailGenius.com. If you’d like to read my bio or contact me, please click here: Read Troy Ericson’s Bio & Contact Information.

Now, let’s get started introducing these 10 Copywriters to Consider in 2024:

Amanda Kaufman

I first met Amanda at the Clients & Community event in Scottsdale. She has since spoken on stage & won awards for her approach to writing & teaching copywriting for businesses with coaching offers. She runs an entire Facebook Group dedicated to copywriting & online coaching, called The Coach’s Plaza. If you run a coaching business or have clients in this industry, it’s worth joining!

Eddie first reached out to me about a setter role I was hiring for. Let me just say that his follow-up game is STRONG. He’s extremely creative, and both writes copy & sets calls. His level of research & personalization is unmatched compared to any other freelancer I’ve seen. You can check him out at CantCopyMe.com, which is literally the perfect domain given that he really is hard to copy (lol)!

I’ve known Robert for a few years, and he has a very VERY valuable skill that most copywriters don’t have… TECH & AUTOMATION! So many copywriters just write copy, but Robert makes sure that the copy not only makes perfect sense to cold readers… But he also makes sure that all of his creative ideas work with his clients’ tech stack. This is a HUGE bonus to help reclaim lost revenue. He’s also built some softwares himself, so there’s no problem he can’t handle, which of course includes writing copy. His site is FindLostRevenue.com.

Jasdeep wrote in his Copywriting.org interview that he recently won the UK’s Most Innovative Entrepreneur of the Year for 2022 – and wrote a Best-Selling Book on Amazon Kindle in Italy, USA, and Australia. You can check out Jasdeep’s Facebook Profile to see the email marketing & solo ad content he shares.
Allison started writing brochures for therapy clients in Chicago, moved onto product and brand descriptions, blog and website copy, and finally email and sales funnels. As she’s moved more & more online, she’s become an integral member of the marketing team for several clients, proving that she understands SO much more than just copywriting alone. You can reach Allison via email.

Rachel started out writing product descriptions until she found Ryan Deiss. 2 courses later, Rachel went from making “average” rates to collecting over $30k from her next client, and proving that she could get results in multiple sectors of copywriting – includings VSLs, advertorials, emails, and Facebook Ads. Rachel says she’s successful due to her diligent research, especially in the survival and supplement niches. You can reach Rachel via email.

Brianne worked in strategy at media agencies in NYC before getting into copywriting. She once had a client show their mother the About Page that Brianne wrote for them, they cried and said “OMG it’s so perfect!”, I actually knew it was my calling when part of a presentation I wrote for Subway was turned into an ad a few weeks later. Brianne’s favorite niches are wellness and lifestyle because they give her the opportunity to write with a lot of personality for products and services that she feels excited about. You can contact Brianne via email.

Andrew started out a fan of Jason Capital, and soon became one of Jason’s copy cubs – no small feat! He’s also been mentored by Agora’s Copy Chief – Ryan McGrath. Today, Andrew works with agency clients who spend up to several hundred thousand dollars per day on ads he wrote – another epic feat! Andrew writes ads on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok – in addition to emails & sales letters. You can reach Andrew via email.

Chris has found his success in working with local businesses. He writes engaging and persuasive content that increases customer engagement, brand awareness, search engine results, and sales. Typically, he writes in the form of blog posts, emails, and social media posts – and most enjoys working with home-serviced based businesses & residential real estate. You can contact Chris via email.  

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Thanks for reading – and remember to reach out to any of the copywriters on this list by clicking their name in orange. You’ll be able to read more about them & see their contact information.

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