15 Copywriters To Follow on Social Media

Copywriting.org has now interviewed over 1,400 copywriters since our start in December! Our mission is simple, we want to give hard working copywriters the opportunity to share their story on a platform where other people will actually notice… Which can create new connections, opportunity, and success for everyone involved.

In this article, ‘15 Copywriters to Follow on Social Media’, we’re highlighting 15 copywriters who you might want to check out on social media as they continue to achieve great things for themselves & their clients.

Below, we’ve listed all 15 names, photos, and social media handles so you can learn more about each person.

Now, let’s get started introducing these 15 Copywriters to follow on social media:

1. Alen Sultanic

Alen Sultanic has been an all-around marketing genius for decades, but recently got popular in 2021 when he started the Nothing Held Back Facebook Group. Nothing Held Back is a free community for business owners & marketers to ask questions & get answers from Alen and several other industry titans. And true to their word, they hold nothing back. So it’s worth following Alen on Facebook, especially inside of Nothing Held Back.

You can find Alen on Facebook – and be sure to join Nothing Held Back as well along with 18,000+ other members.

Alex Cattoni is a Canadian copywriter that tried her hand at copy while she was an intern at Mindvalley. After a few tries, Alex’s copy started crushing for her clients. Soon, she founded The Copy Posse, a global crew of writers who have a passion for crafting compelling copy that blends direct response marketing principles with modern brand storytelling. 

Alex’s YouTube channel contains tons of epic content that’s perfect for any copywriter who wants to write better copy and get more clients. She’s already over 253,000 subscribers!

Jason Capital is an American copywriter that has sold over $75,000,000 worth of his own info products & coaching programs since the early 2010s. Jason is best known for his chat-closing system that revolutionized selling high-ticket info products via messenger on any social media platform.

Definitely follow Jason on Instagram – and maybe even shoot him a message to see how his system works!

Tomislav Winkler is a German copywriter that writes in the health and weight-loss niche. Recently, Tomislav recently won a contest for writing the best lead in Stefan Georgi’s copywriting mentorship program ‘Genesis’. Out of 197 people to submit their leads, Tomislav’s lead was in the TOP 5.

Tomislav has many of his other wins posted on his Facebook page – go check out this rising star in the copywriting industry.

Pauline Longdon is an ex-Australian Army Nursing Major turned A-List copywriter – after just a handful of years. She’s been featured on many different podcasts and interviews for her quick rise to copy stardom. Pauline has worked with copywriting greats like Dan Kennedy, Clayton Makepeace, John Carlton, and many more.

On top of being a great copywriter, Pauline helps others looking to follow in her footsteps by posting educational pieces on her Facebook page – go check her profile out to learn from a true copy expert.

Lara Lee Taylor is a Canadian copywriter specializing in retention and punched-up copy via email, landing pages, and one-of-a-kind website copy. She’s a rising star in the copywriting community that uses her love for persuasive writing and background in therapy to be an emotional response copywriter.

Go to Lara’s Instagram page (@iamlaraleetaylor) – where you can learn how to use words that resonate with your audience and double your conversions from a former therapist.

Stefan Georgi is arguably the world’s best copywriter, grossing around $1BN with his words. When 7,8, or 9-figure companies look for someone to write their sales letters, they reach out to Stefan first. Recently, Stefan has changed the copywriting game for all of his clients & students by revolutionizing the way he writes copy with AI.

Go check out Stefan’s Youtube channel –  and learn from a tip-of-the-spear direct response copywriting savage.

Aaron Elias is an innovative email copywriter who regularly posts amazing & thought-provoking content on Facebook. Aaron got into copywriting by finding a Reddit post about sales copywriting, and the rest is history. He’s quickly gone from an up-and-coming copywriter to someone people look to for copy breakthroughs online.

He’s a TOP contributor for the Facebook group, Copy Campus – go follow him on Facebook to be the first to see the next value bomb from Aaron.

Kelvin Dorsey is an Australian email copywriter with one of the most unique copywriting newsletters you can find online. He uses a writing style inspired by John Carlton, Dan Kennedy, and Gary Bencivenga. If you’re looking for someone to write email copy that jumps off the screen and grabs the reader’s attention…

Go check out Kelvin’s Facebook page – his shocking and tongue-in-cheek writing style will give you a new perspective for the next time you type on your keyboard.

Sandra Sabic has an interesting story of transitioning from teacher to Copywriter. In 2018, she was an ESL (English Second Language) teacher in China at a university. Then, in 2020, she got stuck in Croatia during the CV-19 pandemic. She was forced to take copywriting from a hobby to a full-on career. Her quick rise is something to marvel at… Sandra helped boost conversions for a natural health supplement by 200%!

Go check her out on Facebook to learn more about her incredible story.

Laksh Dandekar is an Indian copywriter that writes emails, sales pages, and Facebook ad copy. You’d think that English is his second language would stop him from excelling as a copywriter and marketing strategist, but no, he’s helping business owners increase their sales with copy and helping them identify email deliverability issues.

Go check out Laksh on Facebook – he’s an inspiration to anyone who is interested in copywriting in non-English speaking countries.

Robert Mancini didn’t follow the “traditional” path of becoming a professional copywriter. Robert worked for over 10 years in unrelated fields until he stumbled across copywriting & started to make a name for himself. He’s proof that it doesn’t matter where you start, you can always find something you love, pursue it, and wake up each day excited about what you do.

Robert posts interesting articles on Linkedin – where he shares more about his journey.

Tobias Allen is a very successful, underground, copywriter that works with some of the biggest brands and marketers on social media. Odds are if you follow, bought, or read a sales page or email from marketing influencers, you probably have read his copy. We really wish we could tell you who he works with, but let’s just say everyone reading this has heard of his main client.

You can learn more about Tobias’s journey in this YouTube video.

Thanks for reading & following each of these copywriters listed in this article – we encourage you to check out these copywriters on social media if you haven’t yet.

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