Best Job Boards for Copywriters: Top 5 To Grow Your Clientele

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Are you a freelance copywriter looking for the best job boards to find your next gig? Fear not, for we have combed through the vast array of choices to curate a selection of optimal freelance writing job boards.

From Upwork and to Facebook Group Job Boards and Writer Access, we’ve got you covered with our Top 5 Best Job Boards for Freelance writers. Be prepared to uncover some fresh prospects – no matter if you’re a seasoned freelancer or just beginning in this arena, these resources will guarantee that nothing slips through the cracks.

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Upwork is a free job board that connects freelancers with clients looking for their services (the platform takes a commission from each contract). It’s a great way to find work as a copywriter, offering access to prospective clients from all over the world. 

Upwork provides a simple-to-utilize system that enables users to select their own fees and work from any location. Finding jobs is simple. You can search for jobs based on keywords or categories, such as “copywriting”, “content writing” “journalism jobs”, etc, pitch copywriting clients, and start freelance writing today.

Pros and Cons of Using The Upwork Job Board

The main downside of using Upwork is that some jobs may pay lower than expected due to the high competition among freelancers bidding on them. Additionally, there isn’t always control over who you end up working with which could lead to unpleasant experiences in some cases. 

Furthermore, getting paid on time can be difficult since payment processing takes longer than usual through Upwork’s system compared with other methods such as PayPal or direct bank transfers.

More Tips for Getting the Most Out of Upwork

Creating a polished profile is essential for copywriters using Upwork, as it can demonstrate one’s talents and background to potential employers. This will permit potential employers/clients to comprehend precisely what they are taking on if they choose to hire you. 

When searching for projects/jobs within your field (e.g., copywriting), make sure to only bid on those where your skill level matches exactly what is being asked by the client; this will help ensure a success rate while avoiding unnecessary rejections. 

Lastly, negotiate payment terms upfront before starting any project so there are no surprises later down the line regarding payments owed by either party involved in said project/job agreement between both parties involved (client & freelancer). could be an alternative for copywriters searching for something different than what Upwork offers; let’s investigate how it functions.

Key Takeaway: To get the most out of Upwork, create a professional profile page, bid on jobs that match your skill level and negotiate payment terms upfront. is a popular job board for copywriters, offering a wide range of freelance opportunities. It has an easy-to-use platform and offers competitive rates for freelancers. is a renowned job board for copywriters, boasting an extensive user base of over 19 million individuals seeking freelance work. You can browse through a vast selection of job postings from employers in different regions and submit bids for projects that align with your skillset and expertise.

Pros and Cons of Using The Job Board

One advantage to using Freelancer is that you have access to a large pool of potential clients who are looking for someone with your specific skillset or expertise in content writing or creating email lists etcetera. You have the freedom to set your own pay rate for each job, granting you power over how much money is made from every project that’s successfully completed. You can charge higher or lower depending on the type of work and value you bring to the table.

On the downside, some jobs may offer low pay rates compared to what other sites might offer, so be sure to do research before bidding on any job. Additionally, since there’s no screening process when it comes to choosing who you work with, there’s always a risk involved when working with new clients. Lastly, getting paid on time can sometimes be difficult due to payment delays caused by slow processing times from certain countries or regions.

To get the most out of this site, start by creating an attractive profile page that showcases your skills and experience as well as examples of past projects completed successfully if possible. This will help employers identify whether they want to hire you based on their initial impression alone without having read through dozens upon dozens of applications submitted by other applicants seeking similar positions available at their company/organization/etcetera.

Secondly, only bid on projects that match up perfectly with what it is exactly they need to be done because this increases chances greatly in being chosen among others vying for the same position(s) offered. Thirdly, negotiate payment terms upfront before starting any project so both parties are aware ahead of time regarding how much money needs to exchange hands once the project completion milestone is achieved. Finally, always deliver quality work within agreed-upon timeline established between yourself and your employer in order to ensure future business relationships remain intact moving forward.

This site can be a great choice for freelance writers and business owners seeking to find job postings for projects, but it’s critical to comprehend the positives and negatives of using this platform prior to beginning. Now, let’s explore another job board that could be beneficial – Flex Jobs.

Key Takeaway: offers a great opportunity for copywriters to find work and set their own rates, but it is important to do research on pay rates and establish payment terms upfront with employers.

Flex Jobs

Flex Jobs is an online job board that offers a variety of flexible working arrangements such as part-time, remote, and freelance positions. It has an easy-to-use platform with competitive rates for freelancers.

Flex Jobs allows you to search through thousands of available jobs in various industries and find the ones that best fit your skillset. You can configure notifications to be alerted when new roles that suit your qualifications appear. The site also provides resources such as resume tips, interview advice, and salary negotiation guides to help you land the perfect job.

Pros and Cons of Using The Flex Jobs Job board

One major benefit of using Flex Jobs is access to a large pool of potential clients who may not be accessible on other platforms or websites. Freelancers gain autonomy over their remuneration, able to set their own costs for every undertaking they accept via the platform. 

However, some projects may offer low pay rates which could make it difficult to earn enough money from these types of freelance jobs alone. Another downside is lack of control over who you work with since employers choose candidates based on their profiles rather than direct contact between both parties before accepting any projects or tasks related to them Lastly, due to its subscription model which requires upfront payment before any project can be accepted or completed; getting paid on time could be challenging at times if payments aren’t made promptly by employers after completion of each task assigned via Flex Jobs.

Flex Jobs offers a unique way for copywriters to find work, however, it is not the only job board available. For those looking to expand their options and gain access to even more opportunities, Facebook Group Job Boards are worth exploring.

Key Takeaway: Using Flex Jobs offers freelancers access to a large pool of potential clients, but the lack of control over pay rates and payment could be challenging.

Facebook Group Job Boards

Facebook Group Job Boards are becoming an increasingly popular way for copywriters to find freelance opportunities. They offer more direct contact with potential employers than other job boards do, allowing writers to network directly with employers without having to go through an intermediary website like Upwork or Freelancer.

Overview of Facebook Group Job Boards

These groups are typically made up of a variety of different people who have come together in order to post and discuss job openings related specifically towards copywriting/freelance writing jobs. Many times these groups will also include advice from experienced professionals within the field as well as resources that can help newbies get started in the industry.

The primary benefit of these job boards is the capability to link up with prospective employers, which could result in higher wages and more freedom when it comes to working times/days. Additionally, it provides an opportunity for writers to build relationships with employers that could result in repeat business down the line. However, searching through all available jobs at once can be difficult as they are posted within individual groups; there is also no guarantee that employers will follow through on their promises regarding payment.

Facebook Group Job Boards can be a great resource for locating employment, yet it is critical to assess the advantages and disadvantages prior to engaging. For an alternative approach, Writer Access is another platform worth exploring – let’s take a look.

Key Takeaway: Freelance job boards, such as Facebook groups, offer an opportunity to build relationships with employers and potentially secure higher pay rates – but there is no guarantee of payment. Paid writing jobs are handled without any intermediary platform. Look into other job boards like Upwork for the added layer of protection.

Writer Access

Writer Access is an online platform that connects businesses with freelance writers. It provides a variety of services, including content creation, editing and proofreading, copywriting, SEO writing, and more. Writer Access provides businesses with a vast network of experienced professionals, allowing them to quickly and easily find the perfect writer for their project without having to trawl through countless resumes or portfolios. With Writer Access, businesses have the ability to find quality writers quickly and easily without having to search through hundreds of resumes or portfolios.

Pros and Cons of Using Writer Access Job Board

The biggest advantage of using Writer Access is its convenience. Businesses can save time by not having to manually search for qualified writers; instead they simply enter their project requirements into the system and are presented with potential matches in minutes. Additionally, all projects are backed by a satisfaction guarantee so clients know they will get quality work from reliable sources every time. However, choosing the ideal author for a given task can be difficult to ascertain due to various considerations like specialism or experience.

Tips for Getting the Most Out Of Writer Access

Finally, don’t forget that all projects come with a satisfaction guarantee so if something isn’t quite right after delivery then you have recourse available through customer service at no extra cost.

Key Takeaway: Writer Access provides a convenient platform for businesses to quickly find quality writers, and all projects come with a satisfaction guarantee so you can be sure of getting the best results.


Where do copywriters find work?

Copywriters can find work in a variety of places. A freelance writing job board, freelance websites, and a social media platform are all great sources for finding copywriting gigs. Networking with other professionals in the industry is also a great way to find opportunities. Additionally, many businesses hire copywriters directly or through agencies that specialize in content creation services. Finally, email list management can be an effective tool for connecting with potential clients who may need copywriting services. By building relationships and staying up-to-date on trends and best practices within the industry, you can create valuable connections that will lead to more job opportunities as a copywriter.

Can copywriters make 10k a month?

Yes, copywriters can make 10k a month. Building a list of engaged followers, who are passionate about what you have to offer, necessitates commitment and hard work. You must also create compelling content that resonates with your audience and is optimized for conversions. With the right strategies, it’s possible to generate consistent income from your copywriting business each month.

How do I get a job as a copywriter?

Copywriting necessitates a blend of ingenuity, thoroughness, and the aptitude to generate persuasive words. To get a freelance writing jobs, you need to demonstrate your writing skills by producing samples of your work.

You should also network with other professionals in the field and join relevant online communities or freelance writer job boards where employers are likely to post copywriting job openings. Pitch on freelance job boards frequently. It’s important to stay up-to-date on industry trends and hone your email list management skills so you can effectively target potential customers. With dedication and hard work, you can become an accomplished copywriter.

What are the highest-paid copywriting niches?

Copywriting is a lucrative profession that can be tailored to many different niches. The highest-paid copywriting niches are typically those related to business and finance, such as investment banking, corporate law, venture capital, or financial services.

Copywriters who specialize in these areas can command higher rates due to the complexity of the topics and the need for specialized knowledge. Other high-paying niches include technology, healthcare, e-commerce, digital marketing, SEO/content marketing, and content creation for social media platforms. Keeping abreast of sector movements is paramount to offering patrons superlative output that answers their needs, no matter the specialism chose. Read more about who are the best writing clients.


As a copywriter, finding the best job boards for freelance work can be daunting. Deciding which job boards are worth your energy and focus on is a difficult task, with numerous potential options available. We’ve outlined 5 of the top job boards for copywriters, including Upwork,, Flex Jobs, Facebook Group Job Boards, and Writer Access. No matter your area of specialization or level of writing proficiency, these job boards provide great chances to discover employment that meets your requirements and skill set. So take some time to explore them all and find the best job board for copywriters that works best for you.

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