Can Copywriting Really Be A Full-Time Thing? Uncovering If Freelance Writing Can Pay The Bills

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Have you ever asked yourself if copywriting can really be a full-time thing? It’s an intriguing inquiry that has been in the brains of numerous hopeful and experienced copywriters alike. While it may seem like a daunting task to make a living solely from writing, there are actually plenty of opportunities out there for those who have the skills and dedication to succeed in this profession. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the potential of copywriting as a full-time job and outline the strategies necessary to achieve success in this field. 

We’ll also look at potential earnings associated with being a professional copywriter, so read on if you’re interested in learning more about how you could potentially make your dream career come true.

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Can Freelance Copywriting Be A Full-Time Career?

In recent years, copywriting has become a sought-after profession due to its potential for lucrative earnings and the convenience of working remotely. It offers the potential to earn a substantial income with flexible hours and the ability to work from anywhere. But is it really possible to make copywriting your full-time job?

The possibility of establishing a full-time livelihood as a freelance copywriter, is absolutely doable, given the right planning and effort.

When it comes to earning potential, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Rates vary depending on your writing experience level, industry, location and more. As a general rule of thumb though, experienced copywriters tend to earn between $50-$100 per hour or up to $1 per word for longer projects like ebooks, search engine optimization writing, or white papers. This means that if you are able to write 1–2 articles each day (or 5–10 articles per week) at an average rate of $75/hour with 2 weeks vacation time included in your contract rate then you could easily make over six figures annually as a full-time freelance writer.

To reach the peak of your copywriting career, invest in yourself and leverage networks such as ACES or NWU, as well as social media outlets like LinkedIn & Twitter. Join professional organizations such as ACES or NWU and utilize social media platforms like LinkedIn & Twitter to promote your copywriting skills. Build an email list so that when new opportunities arise, people already interested can hear about them.

Take advantage of free resources online, such as blogging platforms & webinars offered by experts in the field; this will keep you informed on industry trends & best practices while also providing invaluable insight into what works well for crafting successful campaigns. Finally, create sample pieces showcasing writing styles, so potential employers know exactly what they’re getting – no surprises. By taking these steps and putting in the elbow grease, you’ll be able to craft a copywriting career that pays off big time.

By following these steps and staying focused on honing your craft through practice and education, copywriting can become not only just another way for someone looking for extra income but also potentially turn into something much bigger than expected: a full-time career.

Copywriting can be a lucrative full-time career for those with the right skills and dedication. Anyone could start a copywriting side hustle too and earn some money on the side. It is important to understand the earning potential of copywriting work.

Key Takeaway: Copywriting can be a lucrative full-time career if you work; with some strategic planning and effort, you could easily make over six figures annually. To get there, it’s important to invest in yourself by joining professional organizations and utilizing social media platforms such as LinkedIn & Twitter to promote your own writing skills. Finally, create sample pieces showcasing different types of writing styles so potential employers know exactly what they’re getting – no surprises.

What Is The Earning Potential of A Freelance Copywriter?

Writing copy can be a rewarding career for those with the aptitude and understanding to make it successful. Many copywriters discover that they can reap a considerable remuneration with their writing capabilities, though there are no assurances of triumph. The earning potential of copywriting depends on several factors such as experience, industry expertise, and location.

With years of practice and an extensive copywriting portfolio, a writer’s experience can translate into higher earning potential. A new writer may only be able to command lower rates compared to someone who has had a copywriting business for years or even decades. Gaining proficiency and assembling a substantial collection of work are essential to securing higher fees from customers for your freelance writing.

Industry expertise also plays a role in setting rates as well as finding jobs in the first place. Specialize in a certain field or niche. You’ll likely be able to charge higher fees since clients will trust that you understand their needs better than someone without any specific knowledge about their industry or product/service offerings. Additionally, having specialized knowledge makes it easier for copywriting clients to find you when they need help with something specific related to their industry or target audience’s interests.

Location is a key factor in the earning potential of copywriters, as different markets have varying rates depending on their respective supply and demand dynamics. For instance, a freelance writer based out of New York City might be able to command higher fees due to the scarcity of qualified professionals compared with other cities where there’s an abundance of freelancers vying for projects online or locally-based pros jostling for gigs from local businesses nearby. It is beneficial to investigate and comprehend the rate you should anticipate depending on your region before you become a copywriter.

Finally, some industries such as technology often require highly technical skills which can lead to higher-paying gigs if you possess them (or know someone who does). This type of writing requires extensive research into topics like coding languages and hardware specifications which could fetch premium prices due its complexity and difficulty level relative other types of content creation tasks like blog posts or social media management duties etc…

Copywriting can be a financially rewarding career, yet it requires effort and commitment to become one’s primary source of income. Yet, with the correct approach, one can transform copywriting into a prosperous full-time career.

Key Takeaway: Copywriting can be a lucrative full-time job, yet it necessitates ability and proficiency to reap the rewards. Knowing your industry inside out as well as having expertise in specialized topics like coding languages or hardware specifications, could help you command higher rates than other copywriters depending on where you’re based. The ‘devil is in the details’, so research into market dynamics before setting yourself up professionally to ensure success.

Strategies For Making A Full-Time Living With A Freelance Copywriting Business

Copywriting is an incredibly rewarding and lucrative career path, but it does require a lot of hard work and dedication to making it as a full-time job. To guarantee success in this profession, it is essential to use certain tactics.

Finding High-Paying Gigs

Finding and attracting high-paying gigs is essential if you want to make copywriting your full-time job. There are a few key strategies that can help you land these types of opportunities.

First, connecting with other professionals in the field can be a great way to learn about high-paying gigs. Consider joining industry groups on social media sites such as LinkedIn or Twitter, and participate in discussions or ask questions. You may find that other professionals are willing to share information about job openings, especially if they are already working on a project and need additional support.

Another way to find high-paying gigs is to explore businesses that regularly require copywriters. For example, marketing agencies, publishing companies, and large corporations all need high-quality copywriting services. Research companies that fit your niche, and reach out to them with your portfolio and a personalized pitch to write copy for them. You can research the highest paying clients that need consistent online copywriting services.

Finally, it’s important to be proactive in your job search. Don’t wait for opportunities to come to you – actively seek them out. Check job boards, social media sites, and company websites regularly for open positions. Follow up on leads and be persistent in your efforts to find high-paying copywriting gigs. With time and effort, you can build a successful career as a full-time copywriter.

Building a Successful Business

Once you’ve found some good potential clients or projects, the next step is creating a successful business model around them. Ensure that your pricing plan mirrors the worth of your offerings and draws in customers who will remain for extended durations. Consider offering packages that include additional services like editing or proofreading for added convenience—and higher profits. Additionally, invest in yourself through continuing education courses so you stay ahead of trends and remain competitive in the market.

Networking & Building Client Base

Networking is also key to finding high-paying copywriting gigs. Building relationships with recruiters who specialize in copywriting jobs can help you stay informed about opportunities as they arise. Attend industry events, join professional organizations, and get involved in online communities to expand your network and increase your chances of finding high-paying gigs.

Developing relationships with existing clients is just as important as acquiring new ones when it comes to making copywriting your full-time career path. Strive to exceed expectations every single time so they come back again and again; word of mouth referrals are invaluable. Also take advantage of any marketing materials available from existing customers – this could mean free exposure through their website or blog posts featuring your work which can lead even more leads coming down the line. Finally consider joining relevant professional associations where you can connect with others within the same niche – these connections often lead directly into bigger projects (and paychecks).

Key Takeaway: Copywriting is a viable full-time career with the right strategy in place. You need to network, find high-paying gigs and build relationships with clients for success; don’t forget to market yourself effectively too. With hard work and dedication you can make it rain copywriter cash.


Copywriting can easily be a great full-time career in digital marketing. It’s essential to comprehend the requisites for making copywriting your principal livelihood, like what revenue you can anticipate acquiring and which approaches will assist in augmenting your earning potential. So yes -can copywriting really be a full-time thing? Absolutely.

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