Can You Do Copywriting on Your Phone? A Comprehensive Guide

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Can you do copywriting on your phone? The digital landscape continuously evolves, with it, the methods accomplished copywriters use to create compelling web copy. This article explores how mobile devices are becoming a viable platform for online copywriting.

We delve into adapting traditional desktop-based strategies for smaller screens, ensuring optimal user experience (UX) when writing blog posts optimized for mobile phones. You’ll learn about critical considerations like base font sizes that don’t require zooming functions.

Moreover, we touch upon planning your work using apps like To-do lists and Grammarly to stay organized and proofread text while on the go. Can you imagine running a successful writing business from your smartphone? Read on to discover more about this exciting possibility.

Mobile Copywriting in the Digital Age

Copywriting on your phone is the new black. With more people glued to their mobile devices than ever before, crafting engaging sales copy that resonates with mobile users is no longer optional but necessary.

The shift towards mobile marketing strategies

Gone are the days when desktop computers were the primary tools used by copywriters. The proliferation of smartphones and tablets has necessitated a substantial shift toward mobile marketing tactics. With the advent of mobile devices, it is essential for businesses to stay up-to-date with consumer trends and create strategies that are suitable for smaller screens.

Adapting traditional strategies for smaller screens

Businesses need to adapt their traditional desktop-based strategies into ones suitable for smaller screens. This includes optimizing website content and email campaigns for mobile viewing, creating responsive design layouts, and utilizing social media apps to engage with customers directly through their phones.

Thanks to powerful writing apps like Google Drive, Docs or Microsoft Word Mobile, you can now draft high-quality copies right from your smartphone or tablet. These platforms offer all essential key features which professional writers require, such as spell checkers, grammar correctors, formatting options, and more – enabling you to craft compelling narratives regardless of the location or mobile device used.

Optimizing Blog Posts for Mobile Devices

In the digital age, your blog post must be optimized for both desktop and mobile devices. Keep it simple by avoiding long paragraphs and sentences. Use white space to make it easy on the eyes.

Make User Experience a Priority

Research indicates that a substantial portion of mobile users (53%) will not remain on sites which take more than three seconds to load. Keep your pages lightweight with optimized images and minimal use of heavy scripts.

Readable Font Sizes

Text size matters significantly when writing for mobile readership. Use base font sizes that don’t require users to pinch-to-zoom or squint their eyes trying to read tiny texts. Aim for around 16 pixels depending on the typeface used.

Structure Your Content for Skimming

Mobile readers typically skim through articles. Break up text into shorter paragraphs with clear subheadings and bullet points where appropriate. Make information easy to digest quickly while scrolling down the page.

Always test your mobile site using tools like Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test tool to ensure it performs well across different devices before hitting the publish button.

Planning Your Copywriting Work on Your Phone

In the digital age, planning your copywriting work on your mobile phone is possible and highly convenient. With the correct utilities and applications accessible, you can start writing whenever and anyplace without forgetting your advancement.

Keep Tasks Organized with To-Do List Apps

Apps like Todoist or Evernote are excellent for keeping all of your tasks in one place. Create different projects for each client, set deadlines, and even share them with team members if necessary. Never miss a deadline or forget an important task again.

Proofread Text on the Go with Grammarly

Everyone makes mistakes, especially when typing on a small smartphone keyboard. That’s where Grammarly comes into play. This app checks grammar and spelling as you type so that no errors slip through unnoticed.

Other useful tools include Google Drive, which offers cloud storage to ensure that none of your hard work gets lost due to device failure or accidental deletion.


  • All of these applications have mobile versions available, making it easy for copywriters who prefer working from their phones.

  • It may take some getting used to initially, but once you’re accustomed, using these tools on a daily basis can significantly increase productivity over time.

Finding Inspiration and Communicating via Phone Applications

In the digital age, mobile apps are a copywriter’s best friend. They help find inspiration and facilitate seamless communication with clients or team members.

Sorting Blog Subscriptions with Feedly

Feedly is an excellent tool that sorts blog subscriptions into customized folders. It provides a steady stream of content related to your niche or industry and sparks ideas whenever needed. Stay informed and ahead of the curve with Feedly’s content streams, and access saved articles anytime – even when you’re offline.

Other apps like Pocket allow you to save articles from anywhere and read them later – even offline. This feature proves handy when you stumble upon an interesting piece but don’t have time to read it immediately.

Freelance Online Writing: A World of Business Growth Opportunities

Freelance online writing offers endless opportunities for business growth. It’s not just about making ends meet, but strategically targeting industries that yield better returns in the long run.

Passionate about a particular industry? Focus your efforts on it. Gaining specialized knowledge and honing your skillset is key to increasing your value as a copywriter. There are several high-grossing industries worth considering:

  • Digital Marketing: With businesses moving online, digital marketing is more important than ever.

  • E-commerce: Companies need compelling product descriptions and persuasive sales copies to drive conversions.

  • Fintech: Financial technology companies require complex concepts explained and clearly.

Starting out can be challenging, but perseverance pays off. Build your portfolio and establish relationships with clients who appreciate quality work over cheap rates. Join freelance job boards like Upwork or Freelancer, or niche-specific ones like ProBlogger Job Board.

Networking is also key. Building connections within the industry can open doors to new opportunities that might not be advertised publicly. Grow your independent copywriting business successfully.

Leverage LinkedIn for Networking and Visibility

As a copywriter, networking and visibility are crucial for building your business. LinkedIn, a professional social media platform, can be a useful tool in this regard. It offers both free basic service and paid upgrade options, including Sales Navigator.

LinkedIn lets you connect with professionals from various industries worldwide, broadening your reach as a copywriter and opening up opportunities for collaboration or potential job offers.

Boost Your Visibility by Posting Articles Regularly

One effective way to increase your visibility on LinkedIn is by regularly posting articles related to your field of expertise. This showcases your skills and keeps you top-of-mind among connections who might need your services.

  • Create Engaging Content: Your posts should provide value to readers while showcasing your writing prowess.

  • Promote Discussion: Engage with those who comment on or share your posts by responding promptly and professionally.

  • Incorporate SEO Keywords: Including relevant SEO keywords in your posts can help increase their visibility in search results within the platform itself.

Participating actively in group discussions related to copywriting or industries you’re interested in can further boost engagement levels with other users, increasing overall profile views significantly over time.

Running a Copywriting Business from Your Smartphone

In the digital age, running a copywriting business from your smartphone is possible and highly efficient. You can craft email marketing campaigns, design landing pages, draft sales texts, and manage social media engagements all from your phone.

The beauty of mobile technology lies in its convenience and flexibility. With mobile technology, you can take your work with you wherever and whenever, enabling greater autonomy in getting things done. The convenience and flexibility mobile technology offers opens up the capability to be more productive and take command of when you work.

Managing Your Business on the Go

Aside from creating content, there are several other aspects of running a copywriting business that you can manage via smartphone:

  • Project Management: Apps like Trello or Asana allow you to keep track of projects, set deadlines, and assign tasks right from your phone.

  • Social Media Engagement: With apps such as Hootsuite or Buffer, scheduling posts across various platforms is easy, ensuring consistent engagement with followers.

  • Billing & Invoicing: Tools like FreshBooks simplify sending invoices directly from your phone while keeping track of payments received.

Polishing Your Work

If proofreading is part of your job description (and let’s face it – it probably should be), tools like Grammarly offer mobile applications to help ensure every piece written on the go is polished before hitting the ‘send’ button.

Networking on the Go

To top off this list, don’t forget about networking. LinkedIn offers both free basic service along with paid upgrade options including Sales Navigator which can increase visibility among connections even further by regularly posting articles straight from one’s phone.

All these features combined make smartphones an indispensable tool for modern-day copywriters who wish to run their businesses efficiently while staying connected with clients and audiences alike wherever they may go.


Copywriting on your phone? Absolutely!

In today’s digital age, mobile devices are essential for copywriters and business owners.

Adapting traditional desktop-based strategies for smaller screens is necessary to stay ahead of the game.

Writing optimized blog posts, planning your work, finding inspiration, and communicating via phone apps are just a few opportunities available to those who want to write on-the-go.

Leveraging LinkedIn for networking and visibility and running a copywriting business from your smartphone are also great options.

With careful planning and attention to detail, anyone can master the art of mobile copywriting.

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