11 Copywriters & Their Websites

Since launching Copywriting.org in December, we’ve conducted over 1,060 interviews with copywriters who have shared their copywriting skills and experience with the world.

Copywriting.org has shortened the gap for a lot of copywriters that want to get their names in front of business owners looking for high-integrity and skilled copywriters to help them with their messaging and copy.

But today, I want to highlight 11 copywriters and their websites who’ve helped Copywriting.org grow by adding their interview to their website, along with other quality copywriting content. You may or may not have heard of these copywriters before… but these individuals are doing good work for their clients in various different industries & deserve more recognition.

Below, I have listed all 11 names, their Copywriting.org interview, and a link to their website to learn more about them. Click their name to read their Copywriting.org interview, or click their website to visit their website.


1. Matt Hommel

Matt Hommel is based out of New York. He focuses on writing email copy for Health, Info Products, and Mental Health. Matt recently wrote 6 emails that made $172K for a Mental Health business (that’s 6 figures generated from just one promo)!

Check out Matt’s website here: MattHommel.com


Jenny Jonsson is based out of Sweden. Her main focus is email copywriting, and likes writing for Health & Real Estate. Jenny doesn’t take many clients and chooses to put a lot of time into the clients she has – one client is currently averaging $3 per subscriber per month (3x the industry average)!

Check out Jenny’s website here: JennyJonsson.com


Jess Spooner is based out of New Jersey. She’s a well-rounded copywriter and likes writing sales letters, blogs, website content, social media posts, emails, and newsletters. Jess enjoys writing for Mental Health, Ethics, Trauma, Healing, Spirituality, Mindfulness, Coaching, Content Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and AI. Jess has had many articles published online and has had thousands of people read her copy!


Check out Jess’s website here: BeautyAndBirch.com



Chris Lockwood is based out of Florida. His main focus is email copywriting, and likes writing for Online Businesses, Personal Development, Golf, and Real Estate. Chris went above and beyond by building a Black Friday funnel (wrote the copy and built the pages) for a client that paid for itself two times over before the weekend was over!

Check out Chris’s website here: ChrisLockwood.net


Cat Timmon is based out of Pennsylvania. She is a well-rounded copywriter writing email copy, landing pages, long-form sales copy, social media posts, scripts, Facebook, battlecards, and webinar scripts. Cat likes writing for Self-development, Health and Wellness, Biz Opp, Any Service business, Food Industry, Coaching, Consulting, and Agencies. Cat started on Upwork, but has now started her own agency!

Check out Cat’s website here: EtitanAgency.com


Nancy Bush is based out of Connecticut. She likes writing website copy, blogs, and email copy, specializing in finance copy. Nancy is listed on the top of page 2 in Google search results for her niche!

Check out Nancy’s website here: NancyBushAgency.com


Thomas Crouse is based out of Oklahoma. He writes email copy, websites, and blogs. He’s worked for a variety of niches and prefers to work with businesses that have a focus on being green. Thomas recently wrote the website copy for a yoga company undergoing a huge re-brand!

Check out Thomas’ website here: EcoCopywriter.com


Steve Peterson is from California but is currently traveling the world. He has experience writing sales letters, VSL scripts, emails, funnels, and launch copy. He likes writing for Financial, Biz Op, Health, and Personal Development. Steve has worked with about 50 companies over the years, including many 7-figure marketers. He’s written lots of high-converting copy that’s produced great results!

Check out Steve’s website here: NomadCopywriter.com


Rodney Brooks is based out of New Jersey. His main focus is writing email copy. He likes writing for Business, Health & Fitness, Personal Development, and Spirituality. 

Check out Rodney’s website here: EmailCopymaster.com


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