Back in 2017, I was working with 1 big client named Greg. His business was called Hustle Island – a community of thousands of entrepreneurs. We had around 100,000 email subscribers that we grew from nothing.

One day, Greg had this idea to interview entrepreneurs & post them on our website. So we set up the site and sent a couple emails about it. This was before I was good at email (lol), so I’m guessing around 15,000 people saw one of the two emails.

Well, over 2,000 people filled out an interview!! I’m not talking about clicks – I’m talking about COMPLETED interviews!

In fact it went so well, that we had to close down the project because the site kept crashing and we had no one to upload all of the interviews (and no AI to help us lol).

However, I knew that one day, I’d reuse this strategy. And I KNEW it was going to crush it. In fact, I wanted to use this shiny idea right away. But I had no audience. Greg always preached about patience (and even gave his ‘Patience’ sticker to Gary Vee when they met at Gary’s NYC office).

So I put my patience to use. In the meantime, I finished college baseball and started my own company, Email Paramedic, the world’s best Email List Management company.

$5MM in personal revenue & nearly $100MM in client revenue later – in 2022 – I got my hands on the domain And I decided it was time.

And this time, I had a plan. If you’ve ever completed your interview – you can watch the plan (AKA funnel) unfold before you.

In the year & change that I owned, over 2,000 people completed an interview.

The site was viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

The site (and my name) were shared nearly 1,000 times on social media.

I closed new clients and created a new revenue stream while giving a platform to thousands of copywriters, which for most of them, was the first time (that’s what I’m most proud of).

People made YouTube videos about me.

I spoke on stages about how I did it.

It went wayyyyy better than I ever could’ve imagined.

But I didn’t stop there. I took all the data from the interviews and released 2 viral articles that turned the copywriting industry upside down.

And I had fun doing it.

I hope you did, too.

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM WITH COPYWRITING.ORG! I love this industry & have so many amazing friends. I couldn’t have done it without everyone’s support. I also want to thank Christian, Cal, Brandon, and Dom from my team for helping make this happen.

But don’t worry. I’m not retiring (sorry, Billy Gene).

The truth is, I haven’t given the tender loving care it needs to blossom into more. I’m too focused on growing Email Paramedic, where my true passion lies in growing my clients’ email revenue far beyond their wildest dreams.

However, I do know someone who will give it the care it needs.

That person was one of my mentors since 2019, and a friend for the last few years…

A guy who grew his own company to $23MM per year before exiting…

And then co-founded Copy & Funnel Accelerator with Stefan Georgi, before exiting in 2022.

An awesome person looking for his next big move.

That person is Justin Goff.

And I am thrilled to announce him as the new owner of!

I’ll let Justin take it from here. He’s going to start making changes to the site this spring.


Troy Ericson

(Former) Owner of

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