How Much Do Digital Nomad Copywriters Make? A Comprehensive Guide to Salary Expectations and Remote Work Trends

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Digital nomadism has become an increasingly popular lifestyle choice for those seeking more flexibility and freedom in their work. Copywriting, in particular, has emerged as a highly sought-after skill in the digital nomad community, as it can be done from virtually anywhere with an internet connection. However, one question that aspiring digital nomad copywriters often ask is, “How much can I expect my digital nomad journey to make?”

We’ll explore the factors that affect a nomad’s copywriting income, statistics on industry averages, strategies for increasing income, and the challenges of this career path. Whether you’re considering a digital nomad career in copywriting or are simply curious about this growing field, this outline will provide valuable insights into the income potential of working remotely with this unique profession.

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How Much Does A Digital Nomad Copywriter Earn?

The industry and clients that copywriter works with can have a significant impact on their income. Budget, complexity of work, demand, and reputation are some of the factors that can affect how much a copywriter can charge for their services. According to FlexJobs, the average salary for a copywriter is $60,296 per year. However, freelancing allows you to create your own reputation over time and set your own rates, potentially earning you more than a remote employee.

Upwork reports that most writers’ hourly rates fall in the $30-50 range, but the upper limit is far higher. Highly-paid freelancers can easily charge over $100 per hour. The rates a digital nomad copywriter can charge depend on their niche specialization, level of experience, certifications from online courses, marketing and networking skills, and reputation in their industry. It’s essential for copywriters and other digital nomads to research the market rates for their niche and location to determine the rates they can reasonably charge and the competition they may face. By continually learning and developing new skills such as search engine optimization, building a strong writing portfolio and reputation, marketing and networking effectively with multiple clients, and negotiating rates, copywriters can increase their income potential and achieve their desired lifestyle.

Factors Affecting Digital Nomad Copywriting Income

While there is no set income for copywriters, several factors can significantly impact digital nomad salary and how much they earn. Below are some of the most significant factors that determine digital nomad copywriting income:

Clients/Niche For Copywriting Digital Nomad Jobs

The clients and high demand niches for writing that a nomadic copywriter chooses to work with can significantly impact their income. Specializing in a particular niche or industry can allow copywriters and many digital nomads to develop specialized knowledge and skills, making them more valuable to clients. 

Specializing in a particular niche or type of copywriting work that digital nomads run can increase a digital nomad’s salary and copywriter’s income potential and help them stand out in a crowded market. By researching the market rates for their niche and location, digital nomad copywriters can determine the rates they can reasonably charge and the competition they may face. By continually learning and skill development, building a strong portfolio and reputation, marketing and networking effectively, and negotiating rates, digital nomad copywriters can increase their income potential and achieve their desired lifestyle.

Here are some of the best clients to work with as a writer.


One highly specialized niche is medical copywriting. Doctor’s offices and other health-related websites have stringent standards when it comes to hiring copywriters. The words you write could literally mean the difference between life and death. While not all medical-related companies require a medical license or certification, those that do are more likely to land gigs. Byline articles with “RN,” “MD,” or “NP” after the name are looked at as more trustworthy, as Google likes content with authority.


Another highly specialized niche is finance copywriting. Websites that relate to health or money are considered Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) websites, and they must be trustworthy, nondeceptive, and accurate. Writing financial copy and content is tedious, time-consuming, and requires understanding of industry nuances, making this niche one of the highest paying copywriting niches.


Legal copywriting is another highly specialized niche. Becoming a legal copywriter requires tact, understanding of the subject matter, research skills and the ability to translate complex legal terminology into layman’s terms. While certification is not always required, if you’re a paralegal, law student, or law professional, legal copywriting can be exceptionally lucrative.


Tech copywriting is also a high-paying niche. Tech is a multi-billion dollar industry, and digital marketing budgets for tech companies are typically pretty hefty, making tech copywriting one of the higher paying copywriting niches. Tech copywriters are needed for everything from web copy and user guides to content marketing campaigns and advertising. Tech writers worth their salt aren’t just up-to-date on the latest industry trends, but they also understand the nuances and can explain complex topics in ways that consumers can understand. Some of the most popular topics in tech writing include software as a service (SaaS), internet of things (IoT), web security, blockchain technology, and everyday products such as smart home technology.

Honorable Mention: Travel Copywriter

An honorable mention in high-demand niches is travel copywriting, which allows digital nomads to merge their passion for writing and exploring new places. Travel copywriters create content for various platforms, capturing the essence of destinations through engaging narratives. 

Becoming a travel copywriter requires staying up-to-date with the latest travel trends, industry news, and market demands is essential for success in this field. Focusing on a specific niche within the travel industry, such as luxury or adventure travel, can help attract higher-paying clients and increase income potential. Building connections, honing writing skills, and networking within the travel industry are crucial for maximizing success in this exciting and adventurous niche. 

Digital Nomad Lifestyle Choices

The digital nomad lifestyle and money digital nomads make is often associated with freedom, flexibility, and adventure. However, the lifestyle choices that digital nomads make can significantly impact their income. Below are some factors that can affect a copywriter’s income based on their lifestyle choices:


A digital nomad entrepreneur who choose to work with fewer clients and have a lighter workload may earn less than those who work with more clients and have a heavier workload. However, as digital nomads, they may also have more time freedom and flexibility to pursue other interests or travel to new locations.


The location a digital nomad copywriter chooses to work from can also impact their income. Living in low-cost areas may allow copywriters to earn less but still maintain a comfortable lifestyle, while living in high-cost areas may require higher rates to sustain a similar lifestyle. This may also affect digital nomad salaries since they would pay self employment taxes based on where they are. Digital nomads pay taxes on how much digital nomads earn even if they are remote workers.

Hours Of Work

Copywriters who choose to take a remote position and work fewer hours per week may earn less than those who work longer hours. However, they may also have more time to explore new locations, pursue hobbies or interests, or spend time with friends and family as they make their own hours. However, there are many ways to earn more money as a copywriter without increasing your number of hours.

Type Of Work

The type of copywriting work a nomad chooses to specialize in can also impact their income. For example, a copywriter who specializes in short-form content, such as social media captions or blog posts, may be able to work fewer hours and still earn a comfortable income, while a copywriter who specializes in long-form content, such as whitepapers or e-books, may need to work longer hours to earn a similar income.

Time To Earn More as a Freelance Copywriter

Overall, the digital nomad lifestyle offers many choices and trade-offs. Copywriters may choose to create passive income and prioritize time freedom, travel, or other interests over earning a huge digital nomad salary. By understanding their priorities and making informed lifestyle choices, they can create a lifestyle as a remote worker that works best for them while still earning a comfortable income.

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