How Much Do Entry-Level Copywriters Make? A Comprehensive Guide to Salary Expectations and Industry Trends


As an aspiring copywriter, you may be wondering what kind of salary range you can expect when starting out. Factors such as job title, location, industry, education, and experience can all impact your earning potential.

In this article, we’ll explore the factors that affect entry-level copywriter salaries, as well as the national average salary range and salary ranges in different industries and locations. We’ll also provide tips on how to increase your earning potential and negotiate your salary and benefits package. So if you’re considering a career in copywriting, read on to learn more about what you can expect in terms of salary as an entry-level copywriter.

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How Much You Can Expect To Earn As An Entry Level Copywriter

The average salary for an entry-level copywriter in the United States, as reported on February 27, 2023, is $54,601 per year. However, the salary range for this position typically falls between $49,401 and $61,501. It’s important to note that salary ranges can vary widely based on several factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, and the number of years you have spent in the profession.

While it’s helpful to be aware of the national average salary range, it’s also important to consider the specific factors that impact your earning potential. For instance, your location, industry, and negotiation skills can all play a role in determining your salary as an entry-level copywriter. Additionally, developing your writing skills and building a strong portfolio can help you to command higher rates for your work.

We recommend using a reliable compensation data source, such as, to determine your exact pay target. This can help you negotiate a fair salary and benefits package when starting out in your copywriting career.

How About For Entry Level Freelance Copywriters?

As a novice copywriter, you might take on different assignments to develop your skills and create a portfolio. The payment for these projects from clients can vary depending on the complexity and extent of the work involved. For example, a website homepage could pay anywhere from $200 to $500, while a long-form sales letter could bring in about $1,500. However, keep in mind that these rates are typically lower than those charged by experienced freelancers, who can demand rates of over $2,000 per day on average.

One pricing strategy you might consider is a flat fee, where your client pays you for the end result instead of the time spent on the project. This can be beneficial for both parties, as long as the project scope and expectations are defined from the beginning. Nevertheless, if you spend more time on the project than you had planned, you could end up undervaluing your services.

As you progress and establish your own business and reputation for producing high-quality work, you may receive more repeat business, which can help you advance your career as a copywriter. Although it may take some time to establish yourself and command higher rates, persistence and dedication can pay off in the long run.

How Much Does A Beginner Freelance Copywriter Make Per Hour?

For those starting out as freelance copywriters, understanding the average hourly pay is important. As of February 27, 2023, the average hourly wage for junior copywriter in the United States is $26, with a typical pay range of $24 to $30. However, it’s important to keep in mind that several factors can influence the hourly pay for an entry-level copywriter.

Factors That Contribute To The Average Copywriter Salary

As an entry-level copywriter, your salary can be influenced by several factors that can impact your earning potential. These factors may include your geographic location, the industry you work in, your level of education and experience, the quality of your writing portfolio and samples, as well other factors such as your negotiation skills.

Your salary as a junior copywriter may vary based on the region or state you work in. In general, salaries tend to be higher in larger cities and metropolitan areas due to a higher cost of living and increased competition. However, cost of living in certain areas may also have an impact on salary expectations. Additionally, salaries may be influenced by local and state laws related to minimum wage and employment regulations.

Another significant factor that can impact your salary as an entry-level copywriter is the industry you work in. Salaries can vary widely based on the industry or job sector, with some industries offering higher pay rates due to the level of expertise required for copywriting in those fields.

Your level of education and experience can also play a significant role in determining your salary as an entry-level copywriter. Those with more advanced degrees, such as a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in writing or journalism, may be able to command higher salaries than those with only a bachelor’s degree. Additionally, relevant experience, including internships or paid apprenticeships, can demonstrate your writing skills and expertise, leading to higher salaries.

The quality of your writing portfolio and samples can also impact your earning potential as an entry-level copywriter. Having a strong portfolio showcasing your writing abilities and demonstrating a diverse range of writing styles can help set you apart from other candidates and increase your salary and bonus potential.

Finally, your negotiation skills can also play a significant role in determining your salary as an entry-level copywriter. It’s essential to understand your worth and the market value for your skills and experience to negotiate a fair salary and benefits package with your first company or employer. Developing negotiation skills can help you earn what you deserve and potentially increase your earning potential in the long run.

How Much Do Junior Copywriters Earn?

The salary range for junior copywriters in the United States can be influenced by several factors. As of the report on February 27, 2023, the average annual salary for a junior copywriter in the US is $54,600, with a salary range typically falling between $49,320 and $61,460.

One of the main factors that can affect the salary of a junior copywriter is their level of experience. Since junior copywriters are often early in their careers, their salaries may be at the lower end of the pay range.

Location is another factor that can have an impact on the salary of a junior copywriter. Salaries for other copywriters can vary widely based on the city or state where they work, with larger cities and metropolitan areas tending to offer higher salaries due to increased competition and cost of living. For example, a digital nomad copywriter’s earnings who travels in many different locations may be lower or higher depending on where they are living.

The industry in which a junior copywriter works can also affect their salary. Those working in industries such as advertising or technology may earn higher salaries than those in publishing companies or non-profit organizations.

The education and professional qualifications of a junior copywriter can play a role in determining their salary. Having a relevant bachelor’s or master’s degree in writing, journalism, or a related field, or obtaining industry certifications and specific skills in areas like SEO or social media marketing, may increase their earning potential.

The ability to negotiate effectively can also impact the salary of those hired as a junior copywriter. Those who are skilled negotiators may be able to secure higher salaries and better benefits packages than those who are less confident in negotiations.

The salary range for junior copywriters in the US is influenced by several factors, including experience level, location, agency, industry, education, and negotiation skills. It’s important for junior copywriters to research industry-specific salary ranges and to negotiate for a fair salary and benefits package.

Time To Kickstart Your Copywriting Career!

While entry-level copywriting can be a fulfilling and exciting career choice, the salary potential of successful copywriter has can vary widely based on several factors. Aspiring copywriters may need to start with lower-paying jobs to gain experience and establish their reputation. As they gain success and build a strong portfolio, they may receive more repeat business, leading to increased earning potential.

To secure a fair salary and benefits package, it’s important for entry-level copywriters to research industry-specific salary ranges and develop their negotiation skills. Persistence, dedication, and a commitment to producing high-quality work are essential for advancing in the world of copywriting and achieving success.

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