How to Get Copywriting Clients from

3 years ago, I got featured in my very first online interview at – a small blog run by Mehul Chopra. I thought it was cool – but I wasn’t sure it would do much for me because the website was so small & unknown.

Boy, was I wrong! That article ranked in the top 3 on Google for my name for over 2 years. Whenever someone Googled me, they had a chance to read about me so they had more context before hopping on a call. I also shared it on social media to increase the bond between me & my audience.

Over the next few years, I was also featured in other articles & have been told by clients that they got on the call with me because of the articles they read.

Best of all, I recently asked my interviewees if they’ve had any cool wins to share since being interviewed on Below you’ll see some of their responses. And then I’ll share some advice on how to potentially get copywriting clients from

Here are some of the wins interviewees reported:


My personal favorite win so far was from Iram Ghafoor – a very humble copywriter from Pakistan who received record engagement after sharing her interview on Facebook. Sure, a lot of big name copywriters got great engagement too, but over 800 total engagements is crazy from a normal copywriter:

Now THAT is cool! A lot of people tend to think that press & media won’t work for them. Those wins prove that it does work. Now, here are a few tips I have to help you get copywriting clients from

1. Complete Your Interview... And be professional!

This one is simple. You can’t have any wins if you don’t complete your interview.

Also, one-word answers & speeding through your interview will NOT impress anyone. Instead, take a moment to actually dive deep into your story. People will be able to relate to you. This is your chance to be heard – so make sure you do it right!

A lot of the success I’ve had is because I’ve been vulnerable & shared my story about losing my identity at age 22 & re-inventing myself as a copywriter & Email List Manager by 23… I talk about that before I ever talk about my success. Because it’s relatable. And people know the hard work that it takes.

If you haven’t completed your Interview yet… Or you need to redo yours… Click here.

3. Add your interview link to your website or social media bio/profile.

“Featured on” is a great addition to any website or social media bio/profile. Even better if you include a link so people can read about you. Sharing the link also creates a ‘backlink’ which helps your article rank higher on search engines.

5. Have patience.

The funny thing about publicity is that you may never know that someone hired you because they saw you in an interview or article. It’s called ‘omnipresence’. The more people see your name, the more they think of you. In my agency, Email Paramedic, sometimes our new clients admit that they watched or viewed my content for MONTHS before deciding to hire me.

It’s kind of like John Rugh said in the wins above. It’s about “top of mind” awareness & credibility!


Thanks so much for reading this article! And once again, be sure to get interviewed on if you haven’t already. Then share your interview and follow these steps to close copywriting clients from!