Interviews Colleen Rivera

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Q1. Where are you from?


Q2. How did you discover copywriting?

When Covid hit and the world shut down in the spring of 2020, I boldly decided to leave a 25-year teaching career and become a writer. I had always enjoyed writing (I was the young girl who wrote wild short stories to entertain my friends), and I did have a B.A. in English to give me some credibility. How hard could it be, right? Well, I soon discovered that starting a freelance writing career wasn’t as easy as I’d initially thought. Fortunately, I found a great mentor (who was also a former teacher) who introduced me to copywriting and gave me my start. I’ve been at it ever since!

Q3. What forms of copy do you write?

Email and blog posts

Q4. What are your favorite niches to write in?

I’m open to writing about a variety of topics, but I especially enjoy and am skilled in the areas of Education & Learning, Career Transition, Parenting, Mental Health, and Solopreneurs.

Q5. What is the #1 lesson you've learned as a copywriter?

I need to share how the product or service that I’m writing about solves a pertinent problem for the audience.

Q6. Who is your favorite copywriter & why?

It’s really hard to pick just one! I think Ashley Gainer is pretty amazing. The way that she naturally incorporates storytelling into her writing is genius.

Q7. Do you have any recent wins to share?

A recent win is that I’ve been able to help my email clients a step further by loading my writing into their MailerLite accounts, scheduling sends, creating automations, A/B testing, and tracking results.

Q8. What would you say to a prospective client who wants to hire you?

Let’s talk!

Q9. What is a good email address for prospective clients to contact you?

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