Interviews Jeremy Garong

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Q1. Where are you from?

Los Angeles, CA

Q2. How did you discover copywriting?

From building a 100K+ FB group & collecting their emails. So had to learn how to convert them by writing to them. Which lead me into a copywriting rabbit hole.

Q3. What forms of copy do you write?

Email, Landing pages, Ads

Q4. What are your favorite niches to write in?

Health, Business/MMO

Q5. What is the #1 lesson you've learned as a copywriter?

Always meet them where they’re at. So you know how to write to your audience

Q6. Who is your favorite copywriter & why?

Ryan Lee – For teaching me 1 email a day & doing infotainmentstyle Dan Kennedy, Todd Brown, & Gary Bencivenga for deep dive into knowing your customer

Q7. Do you have any recent wins to share?

Helped a Super Affiliate’s Solar Campaign to 6 figure months. For health offer increased shopping cart conversion to 11% conversion rate. Made upsell bumped up to 18% conversion rate

Q8. What would you say to a prospective client who wants to hire you?

If you need help with traffic and conversion then we can possibly collaborate with each other.

Q9. What is a good email address for prospective clients to contact you?

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