Interviews Krishna Mohan Pandey

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Q1. Where are you from?


Q2. How did you discover copywriting?

It all started in late 2019

I was really fascinated by Dan Lok’s idea of “High-Income Skills”

And because I was an extrovert, I said, “I should give closing a try!”

So during my summer vacations (I was still in school) I looked up some “Sales” videos on YouTube

Then I created an Upwork profile and started my “Glorious Closing Career”

Except my career didn’t last long

I soon realized nobody was hiring me on upwork… Why?

Ummm… Maybe (and I’m taking a wild guess here) maybe cuz I had ZERO skills and experience as a closer… AND I absolutely SUCKED at selling myself, lol

So what did I do?

Back to YouTube of course

I did more research to improve my “CLoSinG SkiLlS”

During my research, I found one of Dan’s videos where he said something like…

“Are old school sales techniques on their deathbed? Click here to find out”

I knew he was gonna sell me something when I click the link, but I was so intrigued that I couldn’t resist

So I clicked the link thinking…

“Even if he IS gonna sell me something…it’s not like I’m gonna buy it?”

The link landed me on an article that was about to kickstart my copywriting journey

The article was filled with actionable advice to become a better phone closer… Plus it was smooth as HELL!!!

It was so good that I smiled all the way till the last paragraph, and just as I assumed…

Dan WAS trying to sell his new product called “The Perfect Closing Script”

(Side Note: I thought it was an article, but it was actually a sales letter, hey I didn’t know sh*t back then lol)

But by that point, I was so “HIGH On Dopamine” (Due to the brilliant sales letter written by Ed Reay) that I couldn’t resist myself from buying it.

I never felt such urge to buy something

I knew it wasn’t a normal article…it was very persuasive, but not sleazy.

I said to myself “I’ve heard Dan talk about copywriting, and he says it’s salesmanship in print…so is THIS copywriting?”

I was super impressed by the fact that an article was able to influence & persuade me to go from…

“There’s no way in hell I’m gonna buy!”


“There’s no way in hell I’m NOT gonna buy…where’s my credit card!”

It still feels so magical as I type this

Later on…I was able to “cLoSe” my parents on my decision to be a copywriter (I’m pretty persuasive ya know)

Then I enrolled in Dan Lok’s Copywriting program

That’s where I learned all the foundational DR copywriting and marketing principals directly from Ed Reay and Peter Lu

Now it was time for me to make my first $100 bucks!

Fast forward to Jan 17th 2020…

I woke up to a cold, hazy morning…

Did some yawning, found that I had an interesting notification waiting for me on my phone.

It was a message from a guy from Belarus, he basically said:

“I like your Upwork profile…we need some editing done for our website’s landing page…let’s work”

I ended up working a week on their landing page

Then on Jan 27th 2020 I submitted the final draft, anddddd…

Made my FIRST $100 bucks from copywriting!!!

Q3. What forms of copy do you write?

Mostly emails, simply because these days I prefer to work as an email list manager and not just a copywriter.

Q4. What are your favorite niches to write in?

Biz Opp/Business coaching, Personal Development and other kinds of coaching/training businesses (like pet traning, sports training, dance/singing/magic/entertainer training etc)

Q5. What is the #1 lesson you've learned as a copywriter?

Data speaks louder than words. It doesn’t matter what the customer says they like or don’t like, what matters is what the data proves they like or don’t like, what subject lines they open, what CTAs they click, what products they buy tells me a LOT more about my prospect than somebody’s “opinion” on them. That’s also why you shouldn’t blindly trust conventionally accepted marketing wisdom (like shorter subject lines work better, or pictures are bad for deliverability or longer emails don’t work), always test before you decide what works and what doesn’t for a specific target audience and offer during a specific time period.

Q6. Who is your favorite copywriter & why?

John Forde and Michael Masterson, simply because their book (Great Leads) is the ONLY copywriting book I read when I was starting out and I STILL find it helpful, I keep coming back to this book cuz they’ve masterfully shown how to write to different stages of customer awareness.

Q7. Do you have any recent wins to share?

I got a list management client 1 month ago (a 7 fig men’s dating company), and when I took over their list on Feb 27th I ran some tests and saw their emails were landing in promo as well as spam

Heck, I wrote a new welcome sequence for them and all my emails were landing in spam

So I applied everything I learned in the last 2 years about deliverability to get their domain reputation high, IP reputation medium (mainly cuz we just switched our ESP from Sendlane to Campaign Refinery) and get spam complaints as low as possible

It’s only been 3 week since I started managing their list, here are the results:

– Unique open% for our broadcast went from 35%-50% unique opens to 60%-75% unique opens (even for 30 day openers)

Now our emails rarely go to promo, and they don’t even touch spam.

– Our CTR has improved drastically

Before I took over their list their best email from February drove 33 clicks (which was written by their previous copywriter)

That was their best broadcast email…until I took over

Now, 50% of the broadcast emails I send get 33 or more clicks per email

So half of our broadcast emails get more clicks than their previous BEST broadcast email

Heck, the email I sent last Monday got 80% unique opens (2,082 unique opens) and 3.5% CTR (72 unique clicks)

33 unique clicks VS 72 unique clicks

So my best broadcast emails drove MORE than double the unique clicks compared to the best broadcast email from their previous copywriter.

In fact, it’s probably the BEST performing broadcast email EVER for this list.

The CMO of this company is super happy to see what I’ve done in just 3 weeks of taking over this email list

And as I went over some of the results I’ve achieved during one of our calls, especially when I mentioned how I got 80% unique opens and 72 clicks from a broadcast email last week, he giggled and said something along the lines of…

“YOU come in and ABSOLUTELY DEMOLISHED all our previous email records within a few weeks”

He also said…

“Dude, I remember our first call where you said how you’re gonna improve our deliverability… and now you’ve ACTUALLY done it!

It’s crazy, how do you feel?”

And then the CMO read my email which crushed ALL the emails we’ve EVER sent by getting 80% unique opens and 3.5% CTR (72 unique clicks)

He read the email and said…

“This is good copy!”

So pretty safe to say the CMO is happy with my work

– I sent a broadcast email to this list just 1 hour ago

And it got FIVE applications filled

And THREE out of those 5 applicants are PERFECT prospects for our $5K+ coaching program

And by “perfect” I mean these are people who said they have the money AND they WANT to invest in our program to improve their life

Just for context…

Before I took over this email list, the last copywriter/list manager only managed to get 2 perfect applicants in the ENTIRE month of February

So it’s a huge win for this business…

3 perfect applicants in 1 hour VS 2 perfect applicants in the ENTIRE month of February


I just checked the status on the amount of call applications we’ve booked this week alone

Remember I said how the previous copywriter booked 7 applications in the ENTIRE month of February?

Well, guess how many applications I’ve helped book this week so far (cuz there are still 2 days left before the week ends)

THIRTEEN (13) application in this week ALONE!

Almost DOUBLE the amount of applications their last copywriter booked in the ENTIRE month of February

And the week isn’t even over yet!

– I checked the status again…

In total we’ve booked 30 applications in March so far… And there’s still a WHOLE WEEK LEFT (at the time of writing this).

That means I have MORE THAN QUADRUPLED their filled application rate!

And there’s still a whole week left!

Q8. What would you say to a prospective client who wants to hire you?

Legendary A List copywriter Lorrie Morgan said it best:

“I’ve been working with Krishna as a coach for 8 months and his wizardry astounds me.

He’s a full-stack marketer who’s as comfortable writing killer copy as he is making sure his client’s emails actually get delivered (instead of hitting the spam folder).

He’s more than capable of 100% handling the entire email marketing for 7 to 8 figure high ticket coaching businesses.

I’ve seen him get more opens, more clicks, more qualified applications, more booked calls, and more money for his clients. He’s an independent thinker and a brilliant strategizer. Krishna is an amazing asset to any team. If he isn’t snatched up yet, and you have the opportunity, don’t hesitate to take him on.

Lorrie Morgan
Red Hot Copy”

Q9. What is a good email address for prospective clients to contact you?

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