Interviews Ofurum Eric

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Q1. Where are you from?

Port Harcourt city, Nigeria

Q2. How did you discover copywriting?

From a Google search on “how to make money online”, Copywriting caught my attention I researched on it and felt this is it , so yeah ..

Q3. What forms of copy do you write?

Emails, Landing Pages, Ads

Q4. What are your favorite niches to write in?

B2B , E-commerce, Buzz opp .

Q5. What is the #1 lesson you've learned as a copywriter?

Don’t assume you know your Audience, Research every nooks and crannies where they hangout, find out their core DESIRES and tap on the existing conversation going on in their head.

Q6. Who is your favorite copywriter & why?

I don’t have a Favorite copywriter but here’s few I know will fit in the position of a Favorite copywriter to me 1. Dolapo Hamzat : He’s unique storytelling is second to none. 2. Andy Mukolo : There’s so much I will like to say about Andy . Lastly Me , I’m my favorite copywriter…..yeah.

Q7. Do you have any recent wins to share?

I’m a beginner and yes there’s nothing wrong with that but I think it’s good to share my little win.. I helped a Female clothing Brand in the US to increase their email Open rate by 27% (12% before) and Also helped a course creator increased landing page conversion by 32%.

Q8. What would you say to a prospective client who wants to hire you?

If your product/service delivers as promised then I’m ready to roll up sleeves and make people feel privileged to hand you their credit card.????????. So yeah , let’s work together.

Q9. What is a good email address for prospective clients to contact you?

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