Interviews Sania Jaffrani

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Q1. Where are you from?


Q2. How did you discover copywriting?

With keen interest in writing and freelancing , I landed upon copywriting

Q3. What forms of copy do you write?

Emails, web site, sales letter, fb ads

Q4. What are your favorite niches to write in?

Beauty, fashion, health and human Psychology

Q5. What is the #1 lesson you've learned as a copywriter?

There is never an end to learning in Copywriting. Copywriting itself is not just writing but much more than that.It can make you from Rags to Riches too.

Q6. Who is your favorite copywriter & why?

Daniel Throssell hands down because it was the first time I fell in love with emails after subscribing to him email list . He is a persuasive seller/marketer/copywriter.

Q7. Do you have any recent wins to share?

Even though I am a beginner in the true sense, I have been blessed to have people reciprocate to my offers and give me amazing feedbacks on my work. My first project got be USD 350 just after 2.6 months of Professional training. It’s just getting better and bigger.

Q8. What would you say to a prospective client who wants to hire you?

My copy is simple yet enticing enough to get your sales killer conversions. I catch your brand’s tone and create a bridge between your business and your customers. You have to be fair and transparent with me in giving out all the information I need. I only do quality work and so I appreciate you value my time and efforts.

Q9. What is a good email address for prospective clients to contact you?

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