Interviews Travis Sheehan

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Q1. Where are you from?

Los Angeles

Q2. How did you discover copywriting?

From Troy Ericson!

Q3. What forms of copy do you write?

E-mail, pitch decks, product descriptions, social media posts

Q4. What are your favorite niches to write in?

Tech, aerospace, and ecomm

Q5. What is the #1 lesson you've learned as a copywriter?

Ignore the imposter syndrome and trust in you talents and abilities.

Q6. Who is your favorite copywriter & why?

Troy Ericson, primarily because of how he scaled copywriting from freelancing to a full business

Q7. Do you have any recent wins to share?

I’m a beginner! But my biggest win so far has been taking the initiative to dive into a new space and push towards my first big win.

Q8. What would you say to a prospective client who wants to hire you?

I have years of experience writing and designing startup pitch decks that have raised tens of millions of dollars, and I’ll write engaging copy for you that converts and makes you more money.

Q9. What is a good email address for prospective clients to contact you?

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