What’s A Good Hourly Rate For Copywriting? What To Know


Copywriting is a valuable ability that can assist businesses to achieve their objectives, but what’s the best hourly rate for this service? Considering the experience and market rates is essential to determine a fair rate for copywriting services. Before setting a reasonable rate for yourself, it’s essential to consider these factors carefully in order to ensure you get paid fairly for your work. In this blog post we will explore how high-income copywriters charge fees, why charging similar fees to low-income writers isn’t always the best idea and more.

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Research Market Rates

Researching market rates for copywriting services is an essential part of setting your hourly rate. Knowing what other copywriters are charging is vital for staying competitive and ensuring you’re receiving a reasonable rate.

Gleaning insight from a variety of sources, such as freelance writing websites, job postings, industry publications and competitor websites, can provide an understanding of the current market rates. Examining multiple sources can provide insight into the current rate structures in the industry.

You should also consider your experience and skills when deciding on a rate. If you have more experience or specialized knowledge in certain areas such as SEO or technical writing, then it may be worth charging more than someone with less experience or fewer skills. Moreover, if you have been a freelancer for some time and can show evidence of producing good work rapidly and proficiently, this could support higher rates.

Given the work-time balance involved in each project, it is important to account for this when setting your rate. For example, if a client needs two blog posts written within one week then you might want to hit them with an hourly rate plus extra fees for any preliminary research or additional revisions they need. On the other hand, if they require five articles over three weeks then negotiating a flat fee may be more cost-effective for them (and potentially more lucrative for you).

Do not overlook the billing process. Make sure that whatever pricing model you choose takes into account the amount of time spent sending invoices and chasing payments – after all no one likes spending their valuable working hours dealing with administrative tasks rather than actually doing the work they love.

Investigating current market values is an effective way to determine what cost you should assign for your copywriting work. However, setting a reasonable rate that works best for both parties involved is the ultimate goal.


Key Takeaway: Researching market rates is an essential part of setting a competitive hourly rate for copywriting services. Consider your experience, skillset and the amount of time each project requires when deciding on pricing models such as flat fees or hourly rates plus extras. Don’t forget to factor in invoice-related tasks – no one wants to waste their valuable working hours chasing payments instead of doing what they love.

Set a Reasonable Rate

For setting a sensible rate for copywriting, initial step is to ascertain your hourly fee. Take into account your level of expertise and any special qualifications you may have when calculating an appropriate hourly rate. Take into account any certifications or awards that may add value to your services. Research market rates in order to determine what other writers are charging and use this as a benchmark for setting an appropriate fee.

Once you’ve determined your desired hourly rate, consider how many hours you can realistically work each week without compromising on quality or burning out from overwork. Factor in the amount of time needed for research, editing, proofreading and client communication so that the total number of hours worked remains manageable and sustainable long-term.

If possible, offer different pricing models such as flat fees or word rates depending on the project scope. This will allow clients more flexibility while still ensuring they receive good value for their money. For example, if a client needs blog writing every month then offering them a standard monthly rate could be beneficial both financially and logistically compared with charging by the hour each time they require content written.

When deciding on an hourly rate it’s important not to undersell yourself either; experienced writers who have honed their craft should expect higher rates than those just starting out in the industry who don’t yet have a portfolio of work behind them – no matter how talented they may be. It takes time (and often hard work) to build up enough experience to command higher paychecks so make sure that once you reach this level you get compensated fairly too.

Figuring out an equitable fee is a key component to achieving success as a copywriter. With the right charging method, highly paid copywriters can maximize their earnings and ensure they are paid what they deserve for their work.

Key Takeaway: When determining an appropriate hourly rate for copywriting, it’s important to consider your experience and skillset, as well as research market rates. Offering different pricing models can give clients more flexibility while ensuring they get good value for their money; experienced writers should be sure not to undersell themselves.

How Do High-Income Copywriters Charge?

High-income copywriters are typically paid by the hour, project rate, or a combination of both. Hourly rates can range significantly, from as low as $50 to upwards of $150 per hour depending on the writer’s experience and proficiency. Experienced writers may charge more than junior writers as they have more expertise in their field. Project rates depend on the complexity of the work and vary widely based on industry and client needs.

It is essential to weigh up your knowledge and capabilities prior to determining an hourly fee for copywriting services. Research market rates for similar services in your area to get an idea of what other professionals are charging. Once you have an understanding of the going rate, set a reasonable rate that reflects your level of expertise without pricing yourself out of potential jobs or undercutting competitors’ prices too much.

Some high-income copywriters also use flat fees for certain types of projects such as blog writing or content creation instead of hourly billing models. This type of pricing model allows clients to budget accordingly while still getting quality results from experienced writers who understand their target audience and can produce effective pieces quickly with minimal revisions needed down the line. Additionally, some freelance writers prefer word rates over hourly ones because it encourages them to write faster but still get compensated fairly for their work since they’re not working 40 hours each week like traditional employees would be expected to do. 

Therefore, they don’t need to send invoices every month; they just keep track how many words were written during each project then charge clients accordingly at completion time. This method works best when working with larger companies who often assign multiple projects at once instead small business owners who usually require one-off tasks completed within short periods time due limited budgets available to them.

Copywriters in the six-figure bracket usually price their services based on job size, instead of a per-hour rate. It is important to understand why charging fees similar to those of low-income copywriters may not be in your best interest.


Key Takeaway: Copywriting is an art, and experienced writers can command premium hourly rates. Rates vary widely depending on the complexity of the project, but typically range from $50-$150hr for high-income copywriters. Some freelancers prefer to use word rates instead of hourly ones as it encourages faster writing without sacrificing quality or fair compensation.

Why Charging Fees Similar To A Low-Income Copywriter Is Not The Best Idea

Charging fees similar to a low-income copywriter is not the best idea because it does not accurately reflect your experience, skills, and knowledge. It can be difficult for business owners to determine an appropriate rate when they are new to hiring a copywriter.  

FAQs in Relation to What’s a Good Hourly Rate for Copywriting

How much should I charge hourly for copywriting?

As an advanced level professional copywriter with a high IQ, typically charge $50-$75+ per hour for your services. Fees hinge on the intricacy of the task and how much exploration is necessary. You may also offer discounts for bulk orders or long-term contracts. For email list management, you can typically charge between $20 -$40 per hour depending on the size and scope of the project.

What is the hourly rate for copywriting freelance?

The hourly rate for copywriting freelance depends on the complexity of the project and level of expertise required. Generally, experienced professionals charge anywhere from $50 to $150 per hour depending on their qualifications and experience. Rates can also vary based on other factors such as turnaround time, research requirements, formatting needs, etc. Ultimately, it’s advisable to talk with a freelancer about your project for an exact cost estimation.

How much should I charge for 1000 word article?

The price of a 1000-word piece can differ greatly, varying from fifty to five hundred dollars depending on the intricacy of the task. Factors such as research time, industry knowledge, writing style and quality all play into pricing. For example, if you require extensive research or an in-depth understanding of your target audience then expect to pay more than for basic copywriting. Additionally, if you need email list management services that include segmentation and targeted campaigns then this will also increase costs significantly. It is advisable to converse with a qualified copywriter so they can offer an exact cost estimation depending on the details of your assignment.

What are industry standard rates for copywriting?

Copywriting rates vary depending on the type of project, its complexity and size. Copywriters with extensive experience often demand a fee per hour that can range from fifty to one hundred and fifty dollars. For larger projects such as website content or marketing campaigns, a flat fee may be negotiated based on the scope of work. In addition to writing fees, copywriters may also charge for research time and email list management services if required. It is important to discuss all expectations and rates with the copywriter before starting a project.


When setting a rate for copywriting, it’s important to consider your experience and skillset as well as research market rates. A good hourly rate should be one that is both reasonable and profitable. High-earning copywriters frequently opt for fees based on the worth of their output instead of an hourly rate, thus if you possess the requisite aptitude it could be beneficial to contemplate this option rather than pricing similarly to lower-paid writers. Ultimately what’s a good hourly rate for copywriting depends on many factors but with careful consideration you can find the right balance between profitability and customer satisfaction.

Hire an experienced copywriter and email list manager to help you reach your goals. Get the most out of your investment with a competitive hourly rate that fits within your budget.

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