50 Copywriters to Consider in 2023

In December, I launched an article called “44 Most Popular Copywriters of 2022” that was based on the first 712 answers worth of interview data from Copywriting.org. The article gave a LOT of shocking insight into which copywriters & entrepreneurs were the most top-of-mind in 2022. You can read the article here, or see all of our articles in the Copywriting.org Blog.

But today I want to highlight 50 copywriters I interviewed on Copywriting.org who you may or may not have heard of before… but are doing good work for their clients within different sub-sectors of the copywriting industry. There’s a TON of variety, backgrounds, and unique experience.

Below, I have listed all 50 names & a short summary of what they do & something unique about them (not in any particular order). To learn more about each person, simply click on their name in orange to read their full interview & contact information.

P.S. I’m technically not going to include myself in this article, but if you don’t know me, I’m Troy Ericson – the owner of Copywriting.org, EmailDeliverability.com, EmailListManagement.com, & MailGenius.com. If you’d like to read my bio or contact me, please click here: Read Troy Ericson’s Bio & Contact Information.

Now, let’s get started introducing these 50 Copywriters to Consider in 2023:

Jason Capital

Jason Capital was one of the first entrepreneurs to write successful chat scripts that help businesses close clients or members without actually taking a sales call. These days, many people prefer texting a business rather than calling – and Jason Capital is an absolute professional that I’ve personally hired to help me with this. He’s also one of the world’s top experts on selling courses & information products online.
There’s SO much talk about AI copywriting right now – but Jon Benson’s CopyPro.AI doesn’t get enough credit compared to ChatGPT. I’ve personally spoken with Jon about his AI, which you can hear in our video interview on his profile (you’ll also hear about how he created the first VSL). It’s really incredible to hear what CopyPro.AI is capable of whether you’re a business owner or a copywriter.
Maria Gudelis has been a student of mine for years now – and she’s gotten really good at email marketing. However, I didn’t know until I recently interviewed Maria on video that she’s also helped write some of the most creative ads I’ve ever heard of. She said that one of her clients scaled from $0 to $10k per day with her help as a rev share partner – incredible!
Jay Beistle is one of the ‘old school’ copywriters on this list – he’s even worked under Dan Kennedy! Jay has decades of experience, starting in print advertising – and now he’s part of my Email List Management Certification Program – where he puts a special emphasis on not just email copy, but also deliverability.
Ernie Trevino has a higher education & a good-paying tech job – but that couldn’t stop his passion for email marketing & copywriting. I recently found out that a copywriter friend of his ‘forced’ him to go to Internet Marketing Party in Austin, Texas – where Ernie began to fall in love with copywriting (and has since heavily invested in his own education). Today, he spends his time after work on email marketing & loves writing in the golf niche.
Cole Buckwalter has an incredible story in which he lost his ability to do his 9-5 job due to health-related issues. Rather than feeling sorry for himself, Cole has quickly become one of my hardest working Email List Management students & is starting to rack up wins for his email clients – many of which can be heard in my video interview with Cole.
Alena made a name for herself by raising over $8,000,000 for Non-For-Profit Businesses via copywriting. Now, she uses a lot of key non-profit strategies to write high-converting copy for For-Profit Businesses. Some of the ideas she mentioned on our video interview were absolute gold for any business owner or copywriter.
Robert Wittstock is from Scottsdale, Arizona – and writes for just about any niche in the desert – especially golf, solar, conservative lists, and live events. He also prides himself on writing compliant copy that both him and his clients can feel great about. He’s been a hard working student of mine for a couple years now and has grown a LOT during that time.
Pete Devkota grew up reading Sigmund Freud under the inspiration of his mother, a university sociology professor. Later, he began to study Chris Haddad’s copy & eventually became an ecommerce email expert. Last Black Friday, he generated over $3MM for his clients via email marketing.
During college, Kristen Ladas stumbled across copywriting when she Googled “Which writing careers make the most money?” Since then, she’s gone on to write ads, emails, and sales pages for over 150 clients in the biz opp, self-development, coaching, and consulting niches. Today, she also coaches & consults 6, 7, & 8 figure entrepreneurs strengthen their copy and offers based on her track record of success.
Steve Peterson was traveling the globe in 2006, working in International Executive Sales when he realized that he’d rather travel on his own terms – and become an expert at “sales in print”. From that day on, Steve has written every form of direct response copy, sales letters, VSLs, emails, funnels, launches, etc in niches like financial, biz opp, health, & personal development. Steve’s work is so good that he’s continued to work with roughly 50 clients over the years that keep coming back, including countless 7 figure entrepreneurs.
Ben Curry began studying Dan Kennedy in 2006 – and fell in love with writing in the “Wealth” market. Today, he’s written Facebook ads, emails, and sales pages – many of which have become long-standing controls for his clients. Overall, Ben is most proud that he’s helped several of his clients become millionaires – and strives to put you first.
Leon Altman started his copywriting career in New York City on Madison Avenue – writing for huge ad agencies like Young & Rubicam, BBDO, DDB/Needham, and Saatchi! Leon has used his incredible experience to become the go-to copywriter for high-ticket coaches & consultants like Russ Ruffino – and recently wrote an ad that has brought in over $1,500,000.
Rob Palmer is another veteran of the copywriting world, having written copy for Apple – and even one of the very first VSLs – a VHS tape that he wrote for in-person sales meetings in the 1990s! He also wrote what was potentially the first blog site. Even better, his sales numbers over the last 40 years are incredible – Rob mentioned that he generated $500 million in sales for Belron over a 10 year period – and that’s just ONE client!
Phil Balliet’s wife read about copywriting during her maternity leave & told Phil all about it, since she knew he had a passion for writing. After learning from entrepreneurs like Keala Kanae, Phil closed one of the top real estate agents in all of Canada as a client. He also enjoys writing in the cannabis niche & is very good at getting ‘brand voice’ down quickly in his emails & website copy.
Jason W Strachan has come a LONG way since he Googled “how to make money as a writer”. Today he writes funnels, ads, emails, sales pages, and upsells – mainly in health & business. Jason’s track record is incredible – having generated over $400MM for his clients – including the world’s #1 biohacking app, Ultiself… and even V-Shred, who he wrote a VSL for that’s generated over $100MM alone.
Cain Smith is another awesome example of Googling “how to make money online”… And turning it into a copywriting business that has worked with clients like Grant Cardone & Agora Financial. Cain writes sales pages, landing pages, and emails – and most enjoys writing in the financial and biz opp niches.
Brian discovered copywriting by searching YouTube for a way to travel freely BEFORE he retires. He came across a lot of different biz opp programs, started studying them, and now writes today for Chance & Abdul – one of the biggest biz opp advertisers on YouTube… As well as other clients like Steven James, Erick Maeng, Brandon Breshears, Dan Cheong, Sabah Karimi, & Sean McCool. Brian covers funnel copy & strategy, emails, ads, sales letters, and VSLs.
Justin Dear has been an Irish journalist & editor for over 30 years – writing about business, lifestyle, law, technology, health, and news. Justin specializes in articles, blogs, emails, web pages, UX, SEO, and even Web 3 – a rare but valuable skill in 2023. Justin also takes an extra effort to work WITH clients rather than just for them – and hence why he’s built such a diversified skillset.
Ryan Lester was running a freelance graphic design business until he discovered that copywriting was needed by virtually every business out there – and that it was far more impactful & lucrative. Ryan writes emails in niches including music, survival, fitness, nutrition, golf, and even brick and mortar businesses. Ryan recently helped a furniture company add 36% to their bottom line after 1 month & helped a touring musician take their open rates from 6% to 43%.
Andrew Hodukavich is one of the best cold emailers in the world. He first discovered cold email when he was trying to sell commercial real estate loans. Ever since then, he’s optimized his efforts into a B2B Cold Email company called LeadHype.com that sends millions of cold emails per month. He’s also presented inside of my Email List Management Certification Program – and delivered a ton of value. He’s an easy choice for cold email.
Casey Greene first tried his hand at copywriting when the marketing company he hired wasn’t getting any results for his online health company. Since then, Casey has expanded into writing ads, sales letters, and emails for clients in biz opp, health, fitness, and nutrition. He’s also working on an offer to help business owners write high-converting copy faster, and at scale.
Grant Baker was an affiliate marketer for 8 years when he decided to partner with other marketers, including Peter Kell, to build a bigger & better business, in which his role was research & visual storytelling… AKA copywriting. He’s written VSLs, ads, emails, landing pages, and even put special emphasis on User Generated Content (UGC) – a key component of any sales page. UGC also helps most in Grant’s favorite niches – health, beauty, and e-commerce. Today, he works with Molecule Sleep, Sleepgram, MiamiMD, and several new brands launching in 2023.
Jarrod Jones was working a corporate marketing job when he realized that he wanted to focus specifically on expressing himself (and the products he sold) via writing. Jarrod spent most of 2022 helping a start-up with its internal & external email & web copy – and it’s paid off. They’re starting to get picked up by several review sites & have been nominated for industry awards.
Keisha Smith quit her job during the pandemic to protect & care for her newborn child. That’s when her (and my) friend Rob Tidwell showed her how to write emails, sales pages, ads, and social media content that generates sales. Today, Keisha loves to help female coaches & course creators craft compelling copy to sell more of their amazing offers – especially those in the supernatural & metaphysical space. Keisha is a true ‘student of the game’, learning from the likes of Ron Lynch, Stefan Georgi, Justin Goff, & Laura Catella.
Michael Rincon left-behind his 6 figure corporate salary so he could teach English & travel. Soon after, he realized he could teach online if improved his copywriting skills. Since then, Michael has become an all-round marketing consultant & strategist – helping clients build offers & map customer journeys while writing emails, funnels, and organic content. Mike works with clients in 90-day sprints to get them even better, STRATEGIC results compared to a one-off project.
Sean Ferres has always wanted to make music full-time – and copywriting was his ticket to do so. He took the time to learn email, ads, sales pages, VSLs, social posts, websites, blogs & listicles from Jason Capital. Since writing for clients in biz opp & fitness, Sean has gone on to help over 50 students create 6 figure incomes via copywriting – just like he did.
When Andrew Trachtman started a bootstrapped business – it forced him to learn copywriting. He’s used that experience to write ads on Facebook, YouTube, & TikTok – as well as sales letters, VSLs, and emails for clients in health, weight loss, and self defense. Andrew also helps David Deutsch edit videos & take notes – a great experience in itself – as well as writing controls for various 7 & 8 figure offers on Facebook.
Enrique Marin started as a content writer, which led him to emails, then sales pages, funnels, and more. He’s written for donation campaigns, politics, survival, & finance. Lately, he’s started to get more roles as a consultant to political campaigns, even creating & running Super Pacs. Enrique has also dove into newsletters, email deliverability, analytics, & content for his political clients & campaigns.
Tomislav Winkler gladly fell into the ‘internet marketing rabbithole’ when he got sick of his job. He started learning about & writing email copy, automations, sales letters, advertorials, and native ads in niches like health, nutrition, weight loss, self defense, & survival – with a special emphasis on writing with empathy for quality offers. He’s also bilingual – a great bonus for any international client – or clients who want to expand into new markets.
Kelsey Woods grew up with true love & passion for writing, but didn’t know how to make a living from it – so she forced herself to figure it out. After university, she started writing content, which led her deeper into marketing strategy, and eventually copywriting. Today, she writes sales letters, emails, websites, landing pages, ads, video scripts, lead magnets & more for coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs – especially those in travel, health, and fitness. In 2022, Kelsey’s business, and impact, doubled!
Stefan Pirvu was thrilled when a friend showed him that he could use his psychology & creative writing skills to make a living. Stefan writes emails & landing pages in the dating niche as well as health & fitness – taking inspiration from Daniel Throssell. One of Stefan’s recent clients made $40,000 after just 3 weeks thanks to his emails.
Maarten Vaerewijck discovered copywriting by watching Mad Men – and has never looked back, writing YouTube Ads, sales pages, upsells, & emails for clients in niches like survival, tactical, & fitness. Maarten prides himself on being not just a copywriter – but a marketer who understand the other pieces of business. He’s used this expertise to break open rate, and click-through-rate records for a 7 figure client of his, as well as recently helping launch an affiliate marketing business.
In 2016, Jim Hamilton realized that his last 7 years as a personal trainer & massage therapist weren’t going to allow him time or location freedom. So he headed to Upwork & replaced his income in just 60 days! Over the last 6 years, Jim has gone on to write sales letters, VSLs, webinars, Facebook ads, and emails. He uses an ‘infotainment’ style that has reduced clients’ cost per lead by 75% while producing a 4.22x ROAS on $50k of ad spend… While writing controls that have lasted for years & sold millions of dollars worth of products in services.
In college, Zack Zeller lost funding for his nutrition & fitness club. Rather than giving up, he decided to start an email list to attract more students – which soon won grants & became one of the largest clubs on campus. Since that experience, Zack has written emails, chat scripts, multi-step funnels, VSLs, and more for people like Jason Capital – who he has generated over $4.3MM for. Zack also recently helped an agency owner generate $183k profit in just 90 days with email marketing.
Faith Chan discovered copywriting through the legendary Alex Cattoni, who taught her Facebook ads, landing pages, and email sequences. Faith focuses on building trust & relationships through her writing for B2B, entrepreneurship, and personal development businesses. She’s an Upwork veteran, hungry to change even more lives through her writing.
Khadijah Yasmiina was a sales rep before losing her job to the pandemic. That’s when her brother reminded her of her passion for writing & mentioned that she should use her writing skills as a new career. So Khadijah hired Matthew Volkwyn as a coach & started to close clients in niches like biz opp, fitness, health, personal development, & photography. She recently ran a 6 figure launch for a photography client, grew an organic social media audience by 10,000 followers in 30 days, and wrote a VSL that made $50k in one week – organically.
Sky Richardson was in college when he had the opportunity to write content for Copy Mill. After a few months, he quickly excelled to the “Senior Team” and began writing blog posts & link-building articles for Copy Mill’s biggest clients. Sky now also writes emails, landing pages, sales letters, lead magnets, product descriptions, and even digital/print newsletters in the financial, real estate, entrepreneurship, marketing, personal growth, and personal finance niches. He’s also become Editor-in-Chief for some of his clients – a true content expert.
Tamara Gabbard was inspired by Marcella Allison & Laura Belgray – and then learned from greats like David Deutsch, Clay Manley and Stefan Georgi. She picked up a wide variety of skills including email, newsletters, landing pages, blogs, SEO, content, sales pages, websites, and social media ads. She’s written for clients in health & wellness, science, neuroscience, holistic medicine, lifestyle, coaching, sustainability, spirituality, and funny enough – humor. Now that Tamara has achieved a 6-figure run rate, she’s also writing a book & helping clients get $10k ROIs via consulting.
In 2015, C.J. Haughey was backpacking South Korea teaching English & travel blogging when he discovered content writing – and began writing for agencies. After 7 months of hard work, C.J. closed a huge web copy project on his own & hasn’t looked back. He’s also added emails, video ads, and landing pages to his repertoire, but still enjoys web copy the most. C.J. recently helped a leading PEO increase leads by 80% in under 90 days – which became their #1 traffic source.
Mary Brainard turned to Google for ways to make money online – and discovered copywriting. Using Frank Kern as inspiration, she became hooked on ads, funnels, emails, blogs, and sales letters. She recently wrote a sales letter that’s converting at 6% on cold traffic while continuing to study & improve each day – especially in health, fitness, personal development, and biz opp.
Giles Tsegah, the “Follow Up Funnel Guy” went through a break up in 2015, which led him to Jason Capital. Little did he know that he would learn copywriting too! Naturally, Giles started writing in niches like dating, personal development, and coaching. He recently re-engaged nearly half of a client’s disengaged customer list via email & kickstarted the email marketing program for an ecommerce brand – setting records across the board.
Victoria Strong started in high-ticket sales for an 8-figure company. After an eventual burnout, she realized that she could use her sales skills to write emails that generated appointments for herself… Plus, she was practically already a copywriter, but in verbal format. After brushing up her skills with Alex Cattoni, Victoria has worked for clients in niches like mindset, coaching, biz opp, self development, Amazon FBA, filmmaking, & music… And recently finished a Black Friday campaign that generated 6 high-ticket sales for 1 client.
Mario Zheng stumbled upon the Gary Halbert Letters & started to hand copy them – as well as studying other greats like Claude Hopkins & Dr. Robert Cialdini. Then, Mario started writing emails & sales letters for biz opp, self-development, coaching, & health clients. Mario has also spent a TON of time studying & assembling 5 binders worth of swipe files that he references when writing for clients – a true ‘student of the game’.
Gregorio Roggero was in Mexico when he met a traveling couple that introduced him to copywriting. So Gregorio started writing emails, Facebook ads, video scripts, sales letters, and even SMS. He’s also heavily involved in anything financial – including a client that just launched the first DeFi NFT. He also writes for health, relationship, and personal development clients.
Curtis Moore is a crucial member of the Breakthrough Basketball team – and one of few copywriters to study broadcast copywriting as part of his college curriculum. He specializes in writing awareness-based funnels & “Clickass” email copy. One of Curtis’s recent landing pages converted at nearly 9% for an info product. Curtis typically writes in niches like health, financial, MMO, B2C, B2B, info products, and of course – Breakthrough Basketball!
Alex Gregoriades discovered copywriting on YouTube – and quickly became a student of mine. A couple years later, he now specializes in email deliverability, SMS, and copywriting from his home in Cyprus, where he has earned his way to 6 figures by getting his clients results. He specifically focuses on ecommerce, high-ticket, and supplements.
Internet marketing literally saved Michael Kelly’s life when he saw Tai Lopez’s ‘Here In My Garage’ ad, which convinced Michael to leave behind his past of drugs, and transition into mindset, self-help, and business – it truly is an incredible story. Then, Michael began to study Eugene Schwartz & started writing sales letters, VSLs, emails, and texts in niches like biz opp, fitness, and dating. Today, Michael runs AdsAndFunnels.co – and recently sold over 698 tickets in 3 weeks for a digital event.
Robert Phillips saw Dan Kennedy speak in the early 2000’s & became fascinated with copywriting – buying & consuming all of Dan’s products. In the 20 years since, Robert has written funnels, sales letters, VSLs, order forms, upsells, emails, and creatives. Robert most enjoys writing in golf, health, real estate, biz opp, personal finance, & investing – even writing for Agora Financial. Robert’s most recent sales letter generates over $40k/mo for his client. His second most recent sales letter generated over $1MM in just 6 months. Even cooler, he co-created Copy Confidential with Bill Glazer, which allowed him to share a stage with Dan Kennedy – coming full circle!
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